Monday, July 21, 2014

What a week.....

This past week has truly been one of those weeks that I wouldn't want a repeat of!

In a previous post I mentioned that my eldest was to be going in for a routine procedure to have her  wisdom teeth removed....not something I'd have wanted her doing but it was affecting her jaw to such an extent that she wasn't able to open her mouth properly. A pretty standard procedure I know.....however with her being an epileptic there was a concern...but needs must so off we went to the hospital at 6am on Tuesday morning. At 9am she was wheeled into the theatre .....and at 11am  the doctor and anesthetistcome walking out of the theatre area and tells me that she had gone into a full seizure after the procedure....and that she had had more than one.....breaking through all the anti seizure meds that they had given her. The neurologist had been called in and she was being moved to the Intensive Care Unit where she would be put into a medical induced coma (heavily sedated) and placed on the ventilators.

Needless to say thereafter I was not exactly fully functional and could only think of my cousin who, just the Friday before then, had had a seizure and passed away thereafer....

The minute she opened her eyes on Friday is amongst the best moments in my life :)

They were going to remove the pipes on Saturday, but then she had another mild seizure the Friday evening and the doctor decided that it would be best to delay that to Sunday. She is now "pipe-free", able to hoarsely mumble a few words, and ate her first meal of soup and jelly. Today will see her moved to a general ward and hopefully she will be discharged from hospital in the next day or 2 :)

No stitching took place over this weekend as it was up and down to the hospital 3 times a day to spend time with her...but I did manage to get some more crochet done on her blanket - she was only allowed 2 visitors at a time so we had to all juggle a bit to get to see her - and her little brother and sister hasn't seen her since last week as they were not allowed into the ward.

This week looks so much brighter knowing that she is on the road to recovery and will be home soon :)

I'm off to catch up on all your lovely blogs now :)

Take care

Monday, July 14, 2014

Busy busyness :)

I've had one of those weekends.....filled with the busyness of being busy :D

Not a lot of stitching taking place....but again spent some time fiddling with the sewing machine...

So...first off ...I made this rather kooky not quite straight and definitely not that perfect project pouch :)

Project Puch large enough to hold the magazine that the chart is in
I had some offcuts from a tablecloth that I had bought and had to modify for my diningroom table (it's really not easy finding tablecloths for an 8 seater ROUND table - so I buy two 6 seaters and sew them together and cut off the excess). I thought that a pouch to store each of the WIPS and UFOs that I have lazing around may be a good idea....and since I have lots of UFOs etc...I reckon by the end of me making a baggie for each project I will be pretty proficient at straight line stitching and inserting a zipper :)

I also spent some time finishing a a couple of my smalls...

Remember this?

January Small SAL

Well I finished it off into a needlecase and it's now this....

Snowflower Diary "Lavender Girl" Needlecase

You may not be able to see from the pic, but I tried to do a little criss cross kinda quilt thing on the back of the base :)

And this one? The cute lil birdie I stitched as my April Small?

Well it's now a lil birdie ornament like this :)

I also finished Block 3 of my Seaside Quilt, and am now waiting to be sent the next 4 blocks in the series.

Block 1 - this is my favourite block 
A lil close-up of the "stamps" and "postmark"

Block 2

Block 3

I like these blocks I'm sure I've mentioned before, they all have simple hand stitching involved and also because they only take me about 2 hours or so to finish!

Hope you all had lovely weekends of crafty busyness :)

Take care

Friday, July 11, 2014

Give-away alert and something new :)

Oh my....but this has been a rather crazy week in the family.....Dad has been ill and in eldest needs to get her compacted wisdom teeth removed (was supposed to happen on Tuesday but the doc is an idiot and "forgot" that he was away on conference.....

Anyway.....enough of that!

Firstly...Pamela over at Hokkaido Kudasai, who won the Lizzie Kate Travelling Pattern last, is ready to pass it along to the next stitcher :) So if you'd like to have a chance of it popping into your mail box, head on over to her site here :)

And while I really have more than enough on my plate to do, I couldn't resist signing up to Kathy's Crazy Quilt Class! Have you ever wanted to do one of them?? I love how intricate and embellished these are...and always wanted to learn when I read that she's offering sign-ups for her  Beginner's Class, I hopped on board! There's still time to sign up (registration closes the 15th July) and you can read all about it here.

I've also recently started subscribing to a magazine called "Sew&Stitch". It's being newly offered here in South Africa, but I believe has been out a while in the UK. What drew me to the magazine was that it features a quilt block that you complete with every issue - and the blocks all feature some embroidery and bits of applique occasionally. I've completed Blocks 1 & 2 - I forgot to take pics...but at the end of the series, this is what I'll have

Image from "Sew&Stitch" website
The threads that are included are a bit icky so I'll probably be sustituting them with my DMC ones, but isn't that pretty??

Trust you all have a wonderful weekend!

Take care

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A HAED SAL many acronyms :)

Well.....not that long ago, I was reading on Justine's blog that she was thinking about starting her first HAED...and I thought....well I have a few of the patterns that I've bought and have just never gotten to stitching (sound familiar??)

So I dropped her a note and asked if we could do a SAL :)

There are no rules to this really.....the idea is to stitch as we can and post on the first day of the month ....and as today is the first of the little smudge.....

HAED - Garden of Delight
Stitched 1 over 1 on 25ct Magic Guide Evenweave
Using DMC threads

A little closer.....not that it makes it look any bigger :D

I figure that there is about 600 stitches only 184,550 stitches to go .....

Once I finish  those 184,550 stitches...then this is what I'll have...

HAED - Garden of Delight
Artwork by William Morris
Image from HAED website

I think I'll probably get this one done in about 10 years or so ...if I'm lucky! But it really is gorgeous!

Take care

Monday, June 30, 2014

TUSAL and Pumpkins

Well....A pumpkin really...*this* particular one to be exact :)

That's another letter down on the "Alphabet Learner" 

"Alphabet Learner" by Chris Davenport
Stitched on 18ct Aida with Dimensions threads

And ofcourse.....the TUSAL update! I'd forgotten to post it on the check-in date, so here it is...


Until next posting!

Take care