Friday, May 29, 2015

SFS May 2015

Month : May
Spent   : $0
Earned: Not going to track - will try to remain within the $25 budget!
Carried forward: $106.82

Subscription not included in Budget: Serenity Harbour SAL $6
                                             Sew & Stitch Magazine $15

If you're wondering what SFS is all about, head on over to Mel's blog and read all about it :) spending this month....yay!!! I'm rather pleased with that. I have been tempted....there has been the HAED 50% off sale....and the Memorial Day sales at so many online retailers.....but I shut my eyes and went rummaging through my drawers of kits and patterns  to remind myself that I really really didn't need anything more......I WANTED more....but didn't NEED it ......not sure if this logic will see me through another month :)

This month has been a strange one on the stitchy front.....I can't seem to settle down and get on with it!! It's rather annoying as I have so much I want to work on but can't seem to make myself get a move on.

I made a start on Milady's Blossom Garden....the SAL drawn thread piece designed by Abi Gurden - this piece is being offered exclusively to members of the Yahoo group "The Stitch Specialists". She will be offering it for sale at some stage in the future on her site, Bee's Needleworks.
This piece is a beginners drawn threadwork piece, and Abi is fantastic at explaining!
I've completed part one and have part 2 ready....but that inability to settle that I mentioned earlier is making it difficult to get around to that!

While working on Part 1, I had a few false starts with colours....

Can you see the yellow in the lilac blossoms? No? Neither could I! So that needed replacing....and I wasn't happy with the brown that I was using on the outside vine thingy that came out too.

Eventually...this is what I ended up with....

Milady's Blossom Garden by Abi Gurden
Part 1 - stitched on 32 ct linen with DMC
Part 2 has a band in that requires cutting....could that be why I'm being so reluctant to get a start on it???

I also spent some time working on Sunflowers....

This was what it looked like last month....

And how it looks at the moment...
"Sunflowers in Summer" by CCN
Stitched on 30ct Cocoa Linen using the recommended threads
Funny how the light makes the pics look totally different!

I haven't taken pics of  Serenity Harbour....but have been stitching on this too :)

I guess I'm not doing too bad....but I do feel guilty that I haven't worked on my "black blob" this month....nor on the Enchantress.....
I guess I have a few days to get around to it :)

I also received a beautifully finished ornie in the mail all the way from New Zealand that had been mailed out this way ....December 4, 2014!

Can you see the date there??!!
Inside this package was this.....

Have I mentioned how much I love owls??? I have? :D 
Well I do!!

Some of my owls :)
Lee had offered one of her ornies in a give-away and I had been the lucky winner :) I am so very very very pleased that this wonderfully beautiful piece has made it's way to me. Thank you Lee.....your work is exquisite and I couldn't bring myself to pack it's hanging out for for all to admire :)

I guess I better hush up now.....this has been a lonnnggggg post!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Take care

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yikes!!! YOTA!

Yikes indeed!!

In the madness of all the holidays we've been having here I totally forgot to make this post on the weekend!

So without further is my progress on Enchantress for this month....

When you last saw her she looked like this....

I did a little bit more on her....and this is what she's looking like at the moment

I love the richness of the colours used in her dress :)

Every time I pull her out I 'm reminded how much I really like working on this piece! I don't know why I put her away for so long but am just so glad for the YOTA which got me taking her out of my box of shame and out into the daylight! I could stitch on her for weeks!

This week will see a bit more work on the "Sunflowers" and then of course there's the "black blob" that needs more black.....and the Drawn thread SAL that I've signed up for.....need to decide on colours for that one!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week :)

Take care

Monday, April 27, 2015

SFS April 2015

Month : April
Spent   : $13.33
Earned: Not going to track - will try to remain within the $25 budget!
Carried forward: $81.82

Subscription not included in Budget: Serenity Harbour SAL $6
                                             Sew & Stitch Magazine $15

If you're wondering what SFS is all about, head on over to Mel's blog and read all about it :)

Well this month saw a further whittling into the budget,,,,but I can honestly say that the one purchase was necessity (the DMC threads for my mini HAED "The Witching Hour") and I think that paying $8.60 for 14 skeins of DMC out here in my neck of the woods is a pretty good bargain so I'm not going to complain about that one bit!

The second purchase is another fantastic bargain - Abi Gurden, from Bee's Needleworks and owner of the Yahoo Group "The Stitch Specialists" designed an absolutely gorgeous SAL for drawn thread work that she offers at a super duper cannot say no to cost of only $4.73 for the entire six part SAL. Her work is gorgeous! Head on over here to have a sneak peak at the design. Joining the group is free...and there's a wealth of knowledge that is shared there :)

On the stitchy front this month has been mostly the "Serenity Harbour SAL" by Donna of By the Bay Needleart. The beauty of this piece is that while Donna supplies suggestions for colours, it's entirely up to you how you wish to play with it! I spent a bit more time on it this month as I couldn't quite decide on the choice of colour for the water so had a few false starts :) As I shared a pic in the last post I'll skip a repeat!

I also spent a few days on "Witching Hour" and can say that I've finished column 2 of page one....and a wee bit extra. At this rate I should have this piece beyond the black blob stage in about a year :D

Mini "The Witching Hour"
Stitched on 25 count Laguna with DMC threads

Not part of my SFS report as I had placed the order for these goodies last year and thanks to our postal woes they never arrived back then, are these lovelies!

I have to admit that I had actually totally forgotten about placing this order! The one order I am really really waiting for and am worried has been lost is the one with my Chatelaines :(  I'm keeping fingers crossed that it will eventually make it's way out to me!

This week will see me spending time with my Woodland Enchantress....hopefully some progress to show in my next YOTA post!

Have a wonderful week all :)

I'll leave you with a pic of my fat lil fur girly - Buttons :)

Take care

Friday, April 24, 2015

Serenity :)

That's what I've been working on.....well mostly anyways!

Can you believe that April has come and is now almost done and dusted??
For me it's been a month of adjustment and shifting gears....
See....when my eldest kept getting ill last year, hubby and I made the decision that I should quit the full time job. Believe me when I say that the decision was an easy one to make on a personal level - I'm home with the little ones to help with homework...there's no mad scramble to collect them at school then drop them home then head back to the office...there's no having to pay someone else to be with them in the afternoons (with no family living here in Jozi there's no support structure to call!)...there's no insane dash to get home in the evening to get dinner going....there's no worrying about how to squeeze in some time to get to gym with all the other things going on.....believe me... on this level it's a no brainer decision! Financially it has meant having to make certain mind shift as well as spend pattern changes....and this was really the big crunch decision bug. Eventually we decided that we'll just have to bite the bullet and learn to make do with the plenty we already have! So starting 1 April I have been a stay home mum....and I have been loving it :) There's loads that keep me occupied and I'm even finding that there's not enough time for me to squeeze in everything I want to before having to play taxi :D So we're adjusting and the month has just flown past on a super sonic jet!

As I mentioned's been mostly Serenity Harbour this month....I finished Part 4 a week or so back
Serenity Harbour - Part 4

The pic really doesn't do the piece any justice....I have no idea why it's looking so washed out!

This is how the whole piece looks at the moment....

A tad scrumpy and crinkled sorry....

I've also been working on my middle bug's'll probably get dome in time for winter next year :D I'll have to take a pic next time and show you guys!

And almost forgot....the other bit that's been seeing some needle time has been the HAED pic tho....the weather this afternoon is terrible and with my bad pic taking streak I'd rather not attempt a pic of all that black in this light!

Have a fantastic weekend all....

Take care

Monday, April 6, 2015

YOTA Update 4

This is me doing the white rabbit thing again.....I'm late I'm late.......

Have you had a restful weekend? I assume that it has been a long weekend all over the world....or am I wrong?

We've had a rather quiet one here....just enjoying the sun when it pops out (it did so today!)  and vegetating at home. Stitching has been happening.....and I'm happy to say that I've made some little progress with my YOTA piece.....which is still "Woodland Enchantress ". I have quite a few big pieces that qualify for stitching as my YOTA project, but would really like to see Enchantress completed so will continue working on her for now...
For more info on this laid.back SAL head over to Pull The Other Thread :)

So last month, I had done a bit of stitching in column one and a few more to the tree......
Enchantress at Update 3

I know I said I wanted to work this in columns....but sometime during my stitching things kinda got spread now this is what I'm looking at.....


Have a lovely safe :)

Take care