Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy days ...

The last 2 days have been pretty jam-packed!
The plumber has managed to install the geyser, so now we only have the massive hole in the ceiling that needs fixing! This is definitely a good thing!
Our friends returned to Cape Town this afternoon so the little bugs have been bored now that there little friends have left.
I managed to get a little more stitching done on "Woodland"

and last night I started one of my "Things to make and do in 2011" - stitching something on evenweave

Doesn't look like much now I know, but it's one of Peter Underwood's "Cat's Rule" called "May Cat". I spent about 3 hours stitching and only have this little bit to show for it! A combination of trying to get to grips with the fabric and having a few unwanted visits from Mr Frog! I think I'm going to enjoy working with evenweave! I guess it's a good thing then that I had ordered a grab bag from Polstitches which arrived yesterday! Aren't these just gorgeous?

I did say that I was posting a pic of my "Party Baby", and here she is!

Well I'm sure I can probably get another hour's stitching in, so that's where I'll be heading! 

Whatever it is you'll be doing, hope you have fun!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lions and Geysers ...

So off we went to take our friends to visit the lions - it's a truely amazing experience - you get to drive in between the lions (it's not a good idea to step out of your vehicle :-P ) and see them up close. The Lion Park here also has cheetah, zebra, wild buck, and loads of other wildlife. This was about the 5th time that we've been as we always take our visitors to see them, but each time we go I am in awe of these majestic beasts. You also get to touch the lion cubs which is another experience altogether!While you can pet the cubs, they are not "tame" pets and you still need to be careful around them. One of them decided that my baby bug was just about the right size to play with and tried to do just that with her! Needless to say she was not very happy  about almost being a cub's plaything! There are also giraffes that you are allowed to feed with special feed! All in all it was a memorable and enjoyable day!
A lion in one of the camps
There were 3 cheetahs in the cheetah camp
My eldest bug petting one of the cubs

We left the park in awe and high spirits, only to arrive home and find water running down the sides of the walls - our geyser had decided that it was time for it to go bust! And this at about 7pm on a Saturday evening over the easter weekend! Lucky for us we got hold of the insurance company who had someone out here within the hour - not that it helped much as all they could do was confirm that the geyser was bust and switch it off! We had the folks out today who were supposed to replace the geyser but as it is in a funny spot in the roof they cannot reach it through the trap door - so now we wait for the building guys to come out too as they need to fit the geyser through the roof! What fun it's been!

With all this drama there has been very little time to stitch, but I have managed to finish "Party Baby" and will post a pic of it soon! Also did a little (very little) work on "Woodland Enchantress". 

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Started at last!

This morning  has been such a busy one! The 2 little bugs had an Easter Parade at school so had to go and see them before I had to leave to work. I thought they were the cutest bumble-bee and fireman there!

I managed to do a few stitches on my "Woodland Enchantress" last night

Still a lonnngggg way to go I know, but I am so proud of my few little stitches! 

As you may notice, there are no horizontal grid lines - I got tired of gridding the fabric and have decided to just go ahead as is!

Wanted to share this little cost saver - "Easy Count Guideline" is a nylon thread that you can purchase at needlework stores to help with your gridding. I was buying some nylon type thread for my eldest bug to use with her beading when I came across this red nylon thread that reminded me of the easy count. 

It's a fraction of the cost of the "real thing" but from what I've seen, does the job and slides out easily when you're done stitching. Just seems like a great way to save some pennies to buy other stash! 

Do have a lovely, safe time with your family and loved ones :-)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sorting and stuff ...

Oh dear, who would have guessed it would take me so long to get started on my "Woodland Enchantress" ! Tuesday evening was spent sorting out all the threads onto the cards (I do do love a kit that comes with everything all sorted for you!), and taping the edges of the fabric with the masking tape. This took me about 2 hours - and I wasn't even slacking off!
Then last night I began the big task of gridding the fabric - and after completing the vertical lines, I decided that I am now tired of making squares and ready to get on with the stitching! This evening though I have friends arriving from Cape Town to spend some time with us, so not sure if I'll get any stitching done either :-(
On the bright side though, middle bug is well on the mend and should be ready to get back to school tomorrow - in time for the Easter parade and egg hunt, isn't his timing just perfect :-)

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

What a weekend ...

It looks like Mother Nature has decided to skip autumn and head straight for winter on this side of the planet. What a grey, wet weekend it was. And today is not looking to be much better either.
With middle bug being sick and the weather acting up, there was not much we could do [not that I complained ;-) ] So, in-between playing nurse, I settled down to some stitching and managed to complete the 2 pieces that will be sent to a friend


and also made some headway with "Party Girl"

The April issue (#237) of CrossStitcher was finally available here so I bought it and enjoyed some drool time over the projects ("Party Girls" will make a great gift for a friend of mine) and the cutesy free gift looks like a quick stitch so will do it this week.

I also read a few more pages of "The Lost Symbol" - I am determined to finish it even though I'm finding it to be not as good as his other books.

This evening will also see me make a much-awaited start on "Woodland Enchantress". This is what she will hopefully look like when I get her done.
Hope you all have a super day ;-)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bug with bugs....

With OH being away for a few days, I thought I'd take the time to enjoy some lovely late night stitching and make some headway with the "Rock Garden" from the Bothy Threads’ "Dictionary of Gardens” that I had started on Wednesday evening. And what a blissful evening it was! Dragging myself to bed at about 2am, convinced that I’d be able to get through today with about 4 and a half hours sleep, I had no sooner dropped my head on my pillow when I was woken by my Middle Bug – his tummy ached, his head hurt, his throat burnt. All of this plus a fever! My Bug had caught a bug! So instead of the expected 4 and a half hours sleep I had expected, I am now operating on about 3 – serves me right for staying up so late in the first place!
Getting the other 2 bugs to school this morning was done in a flurry, and Middle Bug is now in bed at home while I’m at the office wishing I was at home in bed :-P
In all the madness I never got the chance to take a pic of the garden I was working on, but will be sure to do so and post next time.

Have yourselves a lovely day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lovely Giveaway!

To celebrate her birthday, Ruth is giving away some super stash! If you'd like to stand a chance to win it, then go on over to Ruth's Running Stitch and enter :-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think it's the weather here that's turning me into a spendthrift! It most definitely must be as I am normally very level headed when it comes to shopping (don't try and see if my fingers and toes are crossed :-P )
 I've just spoiled myself with a lovely online shopping spree! I've ordered this gorgeous Sweetheart Tree "Colonial Rose" Biscornu kit and this Lizzie Kate Chart from 1-2-3 Stitch!

The biscornu kit comes with 32 count Belfast Linen, which I've never stitched on before so I'm quite looking forward to the experience! I'm planning on stitching the "teaching" chart as a gift for my 1 little bug's nursery teacher. I have 1 other "Lizzie Kate" teacher chart that I used last year which I may just use again for the other bug's nursery teacher. I still have months before I have to start these, so no stress.

Other than the stitchy bits, I also bought 12 new books from one of my new favourite authors - Christine Feehan. I just love, love, love her "Dark" series of books! Books will only get here in May though so I'll continue plodding through Dan Brown and the other books I have lined up and waiting!

And tonight is going to have to be a serious stitching session as I haven't done any real stitching for the past 3 days! I should have finished my "Party Girl" already but have been dawdling! 

Whatever it is you'll  be doing, hope you have fun! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Box of Shame...

So this is my "Box of Shame"

And what, I hear you ask, is a box of shame? Well it's where I hide all the little bits and bobs that I started and never finished (my UFOs)! 

And hiding in this box I have this lovely embroidered tray cloth that's almost done - it's got another 3 of it's kind keeping it company

And then there's this little kit that I started about 3 years or so ago - not even sure where I put the chart
And I won't take out the rest of them - but I'm sure you get the picture!

Well one UFO that I did manage to get out of the box of shame and done this year is my teddies! It's taken me about 3 years but I finally got them done this year!
I am so proud of this piece - now hopefully it won't take me another 3 years to get them framed :-)

Let's try it again....

So last year some time I started to play with the idea of doing a blog, and never got very far with that thought! So I'm going to give this one more try and hopefully get it going this time :-)
Not sure where I'm going to find the time to do everything I want to do as well as update a blog, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!
I'll be updating this over the next week or so inbetween getting some stitching done, so please bear with me.

Take care x x