Friday, April 15, 2011

Bug with bugs....

With OH being away for a few days, I thought I'd take the time to enjoy some lovely late night stitching and make some headway with the "Rock Garden" from the Bothy Threads’ "Dictionary of Gardens” that I had started on Wednesday evening. And what a blissful evening it was! Dragging myself to bed at about 2am, convinced that I’d be able to get through today with about 4 and a half hours sleep, I had no sooner dropped my head on my pillow when I was woken by my Middle Bug – his tummy ached, his head hurt, his throat burnt. All of this plus a fever! My Bug had caught a bug! So instead of the expected 4 and a half hours sleep I had expected, I am now operating on about 3 – serves me right for staying up so late in the first place!
Getting the other 2 bugs to school this morning was done in a flurry, and Middle Bug is now in bed at home while I’m at the office wishing I was at home in bed :-P
In all the madness I never got the chance to take a pic of the garden I was working on, but will be sure to do so and post next time.

Have yourselves a lovely day!

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Ruth said...

Ah Theoria I hope your little bug gets better soon and that you get some much needed rest.