Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think it's the weather here that's turning me into a spendthrift! It most definitely must be as I am normally very level headed when it comes to shopping (don't try and see if my fingers and toes are crossed :-P )
 I've just spoiled myself with a lovely online shopping spree! I've ordered this gorgeous Sweetheart Tree "Colonial Rose" Biscornu kit and this Lizzie Kate Chart from 1-2-3 Stitch!

The biscornu kit comes with 32 count Belfast Linen, which I've never stitched on before so I'm quite looking forward to the experience! I'm planning on stitching the "teaching" chart as a gift for my 1 little bug's nursery teacher. I have 1 other "Lizzie Kate" teacher chart that I used last year which I may just use again for the other bug's nursery teacher. I still have months before I have to start these, so no stress.

Other than the stitchy bits, I also bought 12 new books from one of my new favourite authors - Christine Feehan. I just love, love, love her "Dark" series of books! Books will only get here in May though so I'll continue plodding through Dan Brown and the other books I have lined up and waiting!

And tonight is going to have to be a serious stitching session as I haven't done any real stitching for the past 3 days! I should have finished my "Party Girl" already but have been dawdling! 

Whatever it is you'll  be doing, hope you have fun! 


Ruth said...

I love the chart and kit. You'll fly through the 32 count, your a pro.
Ooohhh new books, now thats lovely. What Dan Brown are you reading ? Have you any thoughts on them ?

Xeihua said...

Love the Biscornu, I will love to see the progresses on it :)

Thoeria said...

Ruth, I'm reading his "The Lost Symbol". I must admit that I haven't found it as gripping as his other books (and I've read them all!). I'm about halfway through and unlike his other books where I couldn't wait to find out what's on the next page, I've kind of been able to put it down for a week and get on with something else.

Xeihua, I'll be sure to keep you posted once it arrives and I get stuck into it :-)

Heather's Stitching Story said...

Well done for treating yourself! :-)

Ruth said...

I did the same Thoeria and in fact have put it down and forgotten to pick it up again, thats how enthralling I've found it lol. Nowhere near as good as the first few.