Monday, April 25, 2011

Lions and Geysers ...

So off we went to take our friends to visit the lions - it's a truely amazing experience - you get to drive in between the lions (it's not a good idea to step out of your vehicle :-P ) and see them up close. The Lion Park here also has cheetah, zebra, wild buck, and loads of other wildlife. This was about the 5th time that we've been as we always take our visitors to see them, but each time we go I am in awe of these majestic beasts. You also get to touch the lion cubs which is another experience altogether!While you can pet the cubs, they are not "tame" pets and you still need to be careful around them. One of them decided that my baby bug was just about the right size to play with and tried to do just that with her! Needless to say she was not very happy  about almost being a cub's plaything! There are also giraffes that you are allowed to feed with special feed! All in all it was a memorable and enjoyable day!
A lion in one of the camps
There were 3 cheetahs in the cheetah camp
My eldest bug petting one of the cubs

We left the park in awe and high spirits, only to arrive home and find water running down the sides of the walls - our geyser had decided that it was time for it to go bust! And this at about 7pm on a Saturday evening over the easter weekend! Lucky for us we got hold of the insurance company who had someone out here within the hour - not that it helped much as all they could do was confirm that the geyser was bust and switch it off! We had the folks out today who were supposed to replace the geyser but as it is in a funny spot in the roof they cannot reach it through the trap door - so now we wait for the building guys to come out too as they need to fit the geyser through the roof! What fun it's been!

With all this drama there has been very little time to stitch, but I have managed to finish "Party Baby" and will post a pic of it soon! Also did a little (very little) work on "Woodland Enchantress". 

Hope you all have a lovely day!

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Lucie said...

Wow what an amazing experience! Hope the building doesn't give you too much of a headache!