Thursday, April 21, 2011

Started at last!

This morning  has been such a busy one! The 2 little bugs had an Easter Parade at school so had to go and see them before I had to leave to work. I thought they were the cutest bumble-bee and fireman there!

I managed to do a few stitches on my "Woodland Enchantress" last night

Still a lonnngggg way to go I know, but I am so proud of my few little stitches! 

As you may notice, there are no horizontal grid lines - I got tired of gridding the fabric and have decided to just go ahead as is!

Wanted to share this little cost saver - "Easy Count Guideline" is a nylon thread that you can purchase at needlework stores to help with your gridding. I was buying some nylon type thread for my eldest bug to use with her beading when I came across this red nylon thread that reminded me of the easy count. 

It's a fraction of the cost of the "real thing" but from what I've seen, does the job and slides out easily when you're done stitching. Just seems like a great way to save some pennies to buy other stash! 

Do have a lovely, safe time with your family and loved ones :-)

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