Monday, April 18, 2011

What a weekend ...

It looks like Mother Nature has decided to skip autumn and head straight for winter on this side of the planet. What a grey, wet weekend it was. And today is not looking to be much better either.
With middle bug being sick and the weather acting up, there was not much we could do [not that I complained ;-) ] So, in-between playing nurse, I settled down to some stitching and managed to complete the 2 pieces that will be sent to a friend


and also made some headway with "Party Girl"

The April issue (#237) of CrossStitcher was finally available here so I bought it and enjoyed some drool time over the projects ("Party Girls" will make a great gift for a friend of mine) and the cutesy free gift looks like a quick stitch so will do it this week.

I also read a few more pages of "The Lost Symbol" - I am determined to finish it even though I'm finding it to be not as good as his other books.

This evening will also see me make a much-awaited start on "Woodland Enchantress". This is what she will hopefully look like when I get her done.
Hope you all have a super day ;-)

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Lucie said...

Well done on a lovely weekend of stitching - hope the bug gets better soon xx