Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's cold out there . . .

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt then it’s that you cannot stitch outdoors in a freezing wind! Sitting on the soccer field last night was absolute torture! As usual, I took along a small kit to stitch while waiting. By 6pm there was a rather chilly wind howling across the fields, and not so little I sat there trying to get some stitching done. My fingers felt numb, my nose felt like it belonged on an ice sculpture, but I persevered. After 2 hours, all I had to show for it were about 60 stitches! So until spring / summer / or the return of decent weather, I’ll be trading in my “soccer stitch” for some “soccer reading” time! At least I can leave my gloves on!

“Hello Kitty” is also sorted. So we’ll have a birthday party with a birthday cake too! The weather bureau has forecasted cold but clear skies for Sunday – I hope they got it right! There’s nothing worse than having fifteen 4 year olds and a few energetic 6 year olds at an outdoor party when the weather is miserable! Fingers and toes crossed that it doesn’t pour with rain!

Hope you’re all warmer than out here and that you have a lovely day :-

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stitchy stuff ...

The past week or so has not seen much stitching being done :(  It’s been soccer practise, soccer matches, birthday parties to plan and friend’s parties to go to and then there’s  what pays the bills that also needs a piece of me! I have however managed to finish a birthday card – still need to do a few more!

And my soccer stitch is just about done – only the border to finish and then to put it together.

I’ve also started a bookmark – no too far to go but there’s no rush for this so taking my time.

Spent a little time on “Enchantress”, but she will probably go on hold for a while. My dad has asked me to stitch him a lion and since he has never asked me to do this for him before, I am going to try and get one done in time for his birthday in August.

And then my Fairy Round Robin that was started last year with some friends on OM came home! Isn't it lovely! I can't wait to have it all framed and on little bug’s wall!

I've also been trying to make sure that I squeeze in some time to read as well!
Little bug's party is on Sunday and I still need to get a birthday cake! Unfortunately (or maybe it's fortunate!) my oven is not playing with me so I need to go out and buy a "Hello Kitty" birthday cake. Still so much to do and starting to feel a bit like the white rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland" - I'm late I'm late I'm late! :-)
Hope you all have a lovely day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Want and Need ....

Whenever I go to the shops with the little bugs, I always dread passing the toy aisles and standing in the queues are a test of one’s patience as I am, without fail, bombarded with “Mommy buy me …….”. When I say “No”, I am always met with pleas of “But I NEED this play dough/ chocolate / sweet / doll / crayons etc.” To which my response is “But you HAVE those at home! You don’t NEED it. You may WANT it, but you definitely don’t NEED it! You NEED water, but you may WANT a cold drink – there is a difference my babies!”
Being a good parent (I hope!), I have been trying to teach my little ones that there is a difference between wanting something, and really needing something. And last night I was struck by how hypocritical I have been! I looked at my stash, and realised that I have enough to keep me stitching for a VERY long time! And yet, I have been greedily searching the online stores for new kits / patterns / threads etc convinced that I NEEDED to get it! I guess what I do NEED to do is take heed of the lesson I am trying to teach my little bugs – there is a HUGE difference between WANT and NEED, and while I WANT all the lovely stash out there, I do not, honestly NEED it. So….while not quite a new year’s resolution, I have resolved to NOT buy any more stash – at least for the rest of this year! I’m sure that next year, I will NEED to get some new stash – if only for the sake of keeping me sane :-) 

Monday, May 23, 2011

My wish ...

May your path always be in the light and towards the light. 
May your burdens be few and far between. 
May you always have love, laughter and happiness in life. 
May you always be protected from any who would harm you in thought or deed.
 May the seeds of goodness, lovingness and caring I see in you, grow into the flower I know you can become. 
I wish for you all that is good.
Happy birthday my little princess fairy butterfly.
Know that I will always love you with all that is me – from the deepest chocolate sauce ocean to the marshmallow clouds in the sky

Monday, May 16, 2011


I have done it! "May Cat" is completed! My very first piece stitched on evenweave! Doesn't she look cute :-)

I now need to make some headway with "Enchantress" - I know it won't be done anytime soon but would love to see some more progress made on it.
Hope you all have a lovely day!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Win some, Lose some ...

So it was off to the soccer field at 7.30am this chilly morning. Middle bug had a match at 8am so off trekked the whole family to cheer the team on! They played 2 matches, and I must admit I felt a bit sorry for the bunch - running up and down for almost an hour is pretty tiring (one game is 30 minutes - 15 minutes a side). They won their first match 1-0 and just just lost their second match 3-2. But watching a bunch of young ones play is truly entertaining! To them it's not about winning - it's about playing the game and having fun!

I'm hoping to either finish "May Cat" or get as close to finish as possible this weekend. Not that far to go now!

I finished my lttle freebie pincushion as well. I used a butterfly button I had as the centre piece as they forgot to put the little button in the kit pack. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pincushions and soccer . . .

I stopped off at the shops last night on my way home from work and found that Issue 238 of Cross Stitcher had arrived on our shelves! The freebie was the lovely little vintage pincushion and being the sucker that I am for a freebie (and a sale!) I couldn’t resist and bought it! I started the kit last night after the house went quiet. I must admit that I thought I’d get it all done in one sitting, but the pieces of aida they included were such tiny little bits it made stitching on them rather fiddly! I did manage to get all the cross stitching done though, so will assemble it this evening. 

Pity that they forgot to put the little wooden button in the pack, but I’m sure I have something in my stash that I can use!

I started this little Celtic pincushion last week as my “soccer stitch”.

 And what is a “soccer stitch” I hear you wonder. Well, every Monday and Wednesday evening middle bug has soccer practice from 5.15pm until 6.40pm. So I normally take something small along to stitch while he’s running up and down trying to kick the ball :)

Other than finishing my little cushion this evening, I’m not expecting to get much else done, as it’s off to a school meeting that I have to go! So enjoy your crafty time and have a lovely day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Good intentions and Life . . .

The week started out with the best of intentions (as always!) - to get as much stitching done as humanly possible! Unfortunately work, bugs and OH keeps interfering with my plans J

Firstly, to those who celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday (8 May) I hope you had a lovely time with the family! I had a lovely busy day! Middle bug played his first ever soccer match with his new team ( he only started playing for a club this year!). They lost 3-2 but they sure put up a good fight for a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds!

The team with coach Freddy.

 Then it was off to the zoo for a Mother’s Day concert – fun fun fun! A late lunch and then home to get the kiddies ready for school today!

Inbetween all this and work, my lovely books came last week! All 12 of them! Now to squeeze in time to get some stitching in as well as my reading!
My new books!
I had planned on getting more stitching done, but like I said ….work, kids, etc etc etc

I finished these in the past week

For a "Fairy" themed robin

The free gift from Cross Stitcher Issue #237
I had finished this one before but never posted a pic yet

Stitched for an exchange

I also got a bit of stitching done on my Enchantress so I guess it wasn’t an all out waste of a week! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy news!

Oh isn't a long weekend lovely?! I do hope that you enjoyed yours too!

This weekend I stitched my gift for the "Simple Exchange" that we're doing on the OM forum. I can't post a pic yet as my partner hasn't received it yet (only posted it on Sunday and it's a long way to the other side of the equator :-P ) and I've been stitching on a round robin (almost done with it - just the backstitching to do!) and have made quite a bit of progress with "May Cat" (it definitely looks like a cat now!).
I also finally finished "The Lost Symbol" - I think Dan Brown just tried too hard with this one - the concept is sound but the book just draaagggggggeeeed!

So after a week of this

and worrying what creepy crawlies may come visiting in the dead of night, I came home from work today to find this!

The builders had been around to complete the work on the ceiling! Yay! No more spiders in the night!

And to add to the happiness of the day, my little parcel from 123stitch arrived, as well as my subscription copies of WOCS and Crazy! Is it possible for the day to get any better :-)

Enjoy whatever it is that you're going to be up to!