Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy news!

Oh isn't a long weekend lovely?! I do hope that you enjoyed yours too!

This weekend I stitched my gift for the "Simple Exchange" that we're doing on the OM forum. I can't post a pic yet as my partner hasn't received it yet (only posted it on Sunday and it's a long way to the other side of the equator :-P ) and I've been stitching on a round robin (almost done with it - just the backstitching to do!) and have made quite a bit of progress with "May Cat" (it definitely looks like a cat now!).
I also finally finished "The Lost Symbol" - I think Dan Brown just tried too hard with this one - the concept is sound but the book just draaagggggggeeeed!

So after a week of this

and worrying what creepy crawlies may come visiting in the dead of night, I came home from work today to find this!

The builders had been around to complete the work on the ceiling! Yay! No more spiders in the night!

And to add to the happiness of the day, my little parcel from 123stitch arrived, as well as my subscription copies of WOCS and Crazy! Is it possible for the day to get any better :-)

Enjoy whatever it is that you're going to be up to!

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Ruth said...

Glad you got the builders to fix your ceiling, now you don't have to worry bout crawlies. Don't you just love new stash..mmmmm yum lol.