Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's cold out there . . .

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt then it’s that you cannot stitch outdoors in a freezing wind! Sitting on the soccer field last night was absolute torture! As usual, I took along a small kit to stitch while waiting. By 6pm there was a rather chilly wind howling across the fields, and not so little I sat there trying to get some stitching done. My fingers felt numb, my nose felt like it belonged on an ice sculpture, but I persevered. After 2 hours, all I had to show for it were about 60 stitches! So until spring / summer / or the return of decent weather, I’ll be trading in my “soccer stitch” for some “soccer reading” time! At least I can leave my gloves on!

“Hello Kitty” is also sorted. So we’ll have a birthday party with a birthday cake too! The weather bureau has forecasted cold but clear skies for Sunday – I hope they got it right! There’s nothing worse than having fifteen 4 year olds and a few energetic 6 year olds at an outdoor party when the weather is miserable! Fingers and toes crossed that it doesn’t pour with rain!

Hope you’re all warmer than out here and that you have a lovely day :-

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