Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Want and Need ....

Whenever I go to the shops with the little bugs, I always dread passing the toy aisles and standing in the queues are a test of one’s patience as I am, without fail, bombarded with “Mommy buy me …….”. When I say “No”, I am always met with pleas of “But I NEED this play dough/ chocolate / sweet / doll / crayons etc.” To which my response is “But you HAVE those at home! You don’t NEED it. You may WANT it, but you definitely don’t NEED it! You NEED water, but you may WANT a cold drink – there is a difference my babies!”
Being a good parent (I hope!), I have been trying to teach my little ones that there is a difference between wanting something, and really needing something. And last night I was struck by how hypocritical I have been! I looked at my stash, and realised that I have enough to keep me stitching for a VERY long time! And yet, I have been greedily searching the online stores for new kits / patterns / threads etc convinced that I NEEDED to get it! I guess what I do NEED to do is take heed of the lesson I am trying to teach my little bugs – there is a HUGE difference between WANT and NEED, and while I WANT all the lovely stash out there, I do not, honestly NEED it. So….while not quite a new year’s resolution, I have resolved to NOT buy any more stash – at least for the rest of this year! I’m sure that next year, I will NEED to get some new stash – if only for the sake of keeping me sane :-) 

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Heather's Stitching Story said...

LOL Thoeria, Yes You NEED new stash that is a 100% NEEEEED!