Monday, June 27, 2011

As expected...

The weekend was certainly a busy one! Along with temperatures dropping to minus 2 degrees celcius, it's certainly made it a chilly one too!
The boys were very brave on Saturday morning - we played in zero degrees and with a wind that wouldn't let up! Even though they were obviously freezing (a few of the boys in the opposing team came crying off the field as they were getting cold :-) which made us Balfour parents so proud of our little tykes who never complained), they kept pushing and pushing their opponents and managed to draw against them. I know I'm taking a little brag now as this team is touted as the top of the league and our little one's are somewhere at the bottom :-P so it was fantastic to see our boys play them so hard!

I also took my little soccer star to have his first haircut at a barber. Up until now his Dad normally just gave him a quick cut with the hair cutters - a kind of military buzz cut with no shape or style. So he's always been a bit wary of going to the barber - I have no idea what he thought would happen there :-) But he was so cute and he just looks so gorgeous now!

Before .....
Stichy-wise, as expected there was very little that I did this weekend. I managed a few extra stitches on the "Lions" but that was a bout it!

Driving to work this morning I couldn't resist stopping and taking this pic.

Jozi (pronounced Joe-zee) as locals call Johannesburg, has the most amazing winters. We're a summer rainfall area, so winters are dry and bitterly cold. But for the most part the skies are cloudless, bright blue with the sun making it's appearance every day. Normally the wind would not often come out to play in winter, but this has become less and less common. I have to admit though, that for the most part, I do prefer winter's here than in my birth town, Cape Town, where winters are not only cold, but wet, windy and dark too!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Hugs and stitches!

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