Friday, June 24, 2011

Busy times ahead!

Well it's Friday at last, so here's hoping you're going to get to "let your hair loose" and "put your feet up" and have some relax time!
The kids are on holiday from today - almost 3 whole weeks of no school! I suppose it's a good thing that my MIL and SIL will be visiting to keep them occupied.
My brother arrives for 2 days tomorrow - the little ones always enjoy it when he comes to visit! He's your typical "insane" uncle :-) The nutty zany guy at your family get togethers!
My eldest will be leaving for Cape Town on the 2nd of July with the Johannesburg Mini Council (a local group that operates in Primary and High Schools and does charity work). She is so excited about it - I must admit to being a bit worried as this will be the first time that she's flown anywhere without me! But she can't wait as not only is it a wonderful exciting experience, my Mom and Dad and all her cousins are in Cape Town so she'll get to see them too, even if for a short bit.

This weekend I'm hoping to make further headway with the lions, but have learned that making advance plans always seems to attract calamities that interfere with my stitching time. And since Saturday morning will be spent at the soccer field, afternoon at a briefing for the parents of those children going to Cape Town, and the evening at a special prayer meeting for my Uncle who passed away last week, I think that as usual I will have to fight to get some time to stitch!  Oh I suppose I will still have from 10pm in the evenings to do some :-)

Have yourselves an absolutely lovely weekend! Be safe and have fun!


Ruth said...

Sounds like a jam packed family weekend to me Thoeria, I do hope at some point you get to stitch and enjoy the 3 week's holidays.

Thoeria said...

It's sure been busy Ruth!
No holiday for me though! Got to get up in the cold and head to work every day :(