Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday ... at last!!!

Well this has been one week that I am pleased is over! I've felt like a drunk [which for me is amazing as I don't drink :-) ] reeling from one calamity to the next!
Let's see, hubby is off in Germany this week, which by itself is not all that much of a calamity. It's just meant that life had to be pretty organised to make sure everyone got to their appointed spots in the mornings, and since afternoon pick ups had been arranged with friends, I thought we had the week pretty well sorted! That was until Monday morning dawned and little bug had a fever. So no nursery for her. Tuesday dawns, and at about 10am I get a call from middle bug's school to say that he is running a fever and complaining of a bad headache, so off I run out of the course that I was supposed to be attending this week, to pick him up at school and drop him off at home. So now, it's 2 little bugs with snotty noses and fever.
Wednesday dawns, and I felt as though a herd of elephants had been let loose all over me! Every bone ached. Every muscle that I thought had deserted me 10 years ago now came back to haunt me! My head pounded like bongo drums gone wild! And I had a course to attend....
Needless to say I lasted until 10 am at the course and then had to drag my achey body home to dope myself with every cold and flu medication that I could find, then crawled into bed and passed out until 5. Feeding the kids was a blur and after making sure that they were given their own medicines and were popped into their beds, I headed back to my own bed and slept (or tried to!). Funnily enough the only one to escape the onslaught of the flu has been my eldest bug!
And to compound it all, we've been hit with a cold front this week which has meant that it's been rather chilly!

Well needless to say there has been very little stitching or any kind of crafting taking place in this household! I had so hoped to finish my bookmark for my exhange on OM, but I guess I'll only be able to complete it in the week now.

Well the kiddies are all recovered and have returned to school today, and I had felt moderately human enough to attend the last lectures of my course this morning. So tomorrow morning I'll be dragging my unwilling body to the soccer fields to cheer along the U6 boys when, to be perfectly honest, this weekend I'd rather just snuggle under the blankets. Ah the things we mother's do for love :-)

Whatever you're going to be up to, enjoy!

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