Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little update . . .

I must admit that I have been rather lazy the past few days. There has been very little stitching or reading taking place.Temperatures have been dropping to below zero (celcius) for a few evenings and this has made me loathe to stitch. As always, whenever winter starts knocking on our door, I start feeling the need to whip out my wool and start knitting. I'll have to put that thought on hold though as I need to make a start on some lions if I plan on having it done in time for dad's birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, on Sunday we had baby bug's party! What a lovely day! As predicted by the weather bureau, we had bright clear skies with a slight chilly breeze - not that the kids minded! The cake was a huge success and fun was had by all!

A perfect place for a party!
The kids all loved the pony ride!

A party ain't a party without a jumping castle

Hello Kitty cake!

Now I need to start preparing for middle bug's party....

Have a lovely day everyone :-)

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