Thursday, June 30, 2011

One down, one to go!

On Tuesday I had to go for my Defensive Driver's Evaluation - the company I work for insists that all employees who do any kind of driving on business (even though for me that would only be driving to conferences and training venues), has to complete a Defensive Driving Course. I've been putting it out for the past 3 months but eventually had to go for my final evaluation! First there was the trauma of getting to the venue as they had moved offices and my poor little GPS could not locate the road name - so much for relying on technology! And then of course the trauma of having my driving skills assessed by someone else - not that hubby doesn't have a lot to say about my driving skills but that doen't really count does it :-)
The worry was for naught though as I passed my evaluation with flying colours!

Now to worry about the Financial Management exam I have to write tomorrow!

Wish me Luck!

Take care x x

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