Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's out!

Hello! Just a quick little post! Had to share ....... middle bug lost his first tooth this morning! He was so excited about it and can't wait to go sleep so the "Tooth Fairy" can come and visit him and leave him something :-) Gotta love the kiddies!

Oh, and then I made, for the very first time ever, samoosas! I love these little triangles, my kids love them, and my hubby  loves them, and normally I just go out and buy loads of them! But I got to thinking that if I save what I normally spend on buying them, by making them myself, then I'd have more money to get much needed stash...
Makes sense? Right? Knew you'd understand :-)
So I made a batch last night (4 dozen of them to be exact) and they tasted even better than the ones I buy :-) They've been popped into the freezer, ready to be fried whenever the urge to snack descends on my tummy!

It's a gorgeous bright day out here in Jozi, even though the air is a tad chilly this morning, but at least the sky is clear and there's no chance of rain!

Have a brilliant day all!

Take care x x

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Mouse said...

ooooo what is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days ... was sixpence when I lost my first teeth and yummmmm samossas or how ever you spell it love mouse xxx