Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lions' Progress

Have you noticed how the weekends a pass along much quicker than it did a few years ago? Is this because we've all become so much busier or is the earth orbiting around the sun at a much faster speed thus making our weekends go faster? Or is it just a case of someone's stuck the weekend in the dryer and it's shrunk? :)

Be that as it may,as you can see I've managed to do a few extra stitches on the Lions - as always not as much as I wanted to but I guess I'll just keep plodding along!

Yesterday was the birthday of who must be South Africa's most loved statesman - Tata Madiba (Nelson Mandela) turned 93! Oh that this great icon had to live to see the day when all he's fought for is being undermined by corruption and petty politics! *sigh*

The kids are all off to school as well! Yippee for them! They couldn't wait to get back at it and were chomping at the bit yesterday ...... and then they were forced to wait as I had forgotten my car keys in hubby's car and had to wait for them to be brought back so I could leave! Am I clever or what :-)

Have a lovely day all!

Take care x x 

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Dani - tkdchick said...

I agree, the weekends go by far too quickly!!! Those lions will be magnificent when finished!