Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A long weekend!

Well after Friday’s exam ( on which I shall pass no comment :-P ) I decided that I needed some time out. The weekend was absolutely crazy – mother and sister in-law arrived on Friday evening, and my brother and his partner decided to also spend another weekend before he headed back home for Cape Town. So as you can well imagine there was very little time to just chill and unwind from my exam. That’s why I took Monday and Tuesday as leave days from work.
As it had been my sister-in-law’s birthday on Thursday, I took her for a lovely foot massage – and had one too  It was heavenly! Then a spot of shopping (not crafty as she doesn’t craft at all) and lunch! It was so lovely! The kids were, ofcourse, at home with MIL! And yesterday was just for me! Went and had my hair done at the salon, then a bit of shopping too (can you tell I love shopping? ) and a lovely lunch all by myself! I really enjoyed the time out!
One of the ladies I work with had a her birthday on Friday and since I wasn’t at work, I got her this beautiful African Lady carved figure as a gift. I just loved her when I saw her and would have bought one for myself too, but she was the last one left! Isn’t she a beauty?

African Lady with beaded earings
I haven’t stitched a single stitch these past 3 days either… been busy reading my books and have spent quite a bit of time doing some online reading too. What is it about hitting 40 that makes one reflect about one’s life and choices? "sigh*

While there has been no stitching for the past 3 days, I did make a little further progress on “Lions” and will definitely have to do some long stitchy nights to get them done in time for Dad’s birthday!

Still a ways to go!
Tonight is another night on the soccer field, so expecting to become a popsicle in the cold 

Take care x x

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