Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Update

What a lovely, busy weekend it's been! So much to do and so little time!

Saturday morning saw our brave little soccer stars return to the competition field for the first time in 3 weeks - and boy oh boy did they play! They were absolutely brilliant and played like demons, winning the match by 7 (yes seven!) goals! Yes I know that it isn't the world cup, but I am so proud of them!

Then I decided that I needed a break from the lions and needed to do some quick stitching, so I did a quick bookmark (forgot to take a pic so will do so tomorrow and show), and started my foray into linen. I chose a Lizzie Kate design called Flora McSampler - Heart Sampler, and is stitched on 28 count  mint green Cashel linen with DMC threads. Everything seemed to be going well, and after a short break, I took my piece off the frame to re-position it, when I was struck with horror..... can you spot the mistake?

Well basically I had started my stitching the wrong way (if that makes sense) and wouldn't have enough fabric on the sides to finish the design properly! So out with each and every stitch, and had to start from scratch! I stitched on it Saturday evening and part of Sunday, and this is as far as I've come:

Stitched the "right" way - lengthwise

A close-up
Sunday evening saw me back with the lions again, but I'll post another update on them later :-)
And that's where I'm heading to now....back to the Lions! Gotta do a few more stitches on them before sleepy time! Have a lovely evening everyone.

Take care x x


Mouse said...

ooooo well done to the soccer stars and whoops you'll not do that again in a hurry and you sure have stitched it back up and more quick again :) lovely work :) love mouse xxxx

Thoeria said...

Definitely not something I will do in a hurry again, mouse! :-))