Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halfway there!

Over the past 2 days I've been stitching like a woman possessed and am now at the halfway mark with the lions! I would need to stitch non-stop over the next 10 days to complete it in time, but I must admit that I am glad I won't be too late with Dad's pressie - he'll get it as a surprise 2nd pressie later!

We've also gotten some bad news about MIL - she's unfortunately got a very bad blockage in her heart, and the doctors wanted to perform surgery yesterday. However, she and the kids have all decided against it. She's a tiny little lady who weighs about 45kg's (not sure what that is in pounds!) and at 82 she really doesn't need the trauma of major surgery. So she'll be going home over the next few days and will have to take things very easy.

The miserable weather we've had seems to be at an end - on Monday afternoon we had what I can only call sleet! It wasn't rain - it wasn't snow - but it was definitely sludgy ice that poured from the heavens! Never seen anything like it here. Just glad it's over and we're back to blue skies and chilly air (not wind - the air is just slightly fresh!)

Hope you have all been keeping busy and safe :-)

Take care x x


Tricia said...

Hope youre MIL will be Ok, all in my prayers at this time.
AS for your stitching you have been busy keep it up xx

Thoeria said...

Thanks Tricia. We're hoping she's discharged sometime this week .