Monday, August 22, 2011

Lovely weekend!

Spring is definitely coming early this year - what lovely weather we had! So this weekend I did a whole lot of nothing - okay that's a little white fib ... I did a teeny tiny bit of stitching on the lion (I think because I know that I'm not going to get it done in time I am taking it a little easier)

Roaring past the halfway mark! 
I also made some more samoosa's (cheese& corn ones - YUM!), played another soccer match (or rather middle bug played and I was the Mad Soccer Mum on the sidelines), watched SA beat New Zealand (did I ever mention that I am a bit of a rugby fan?) and went wool shopping!

I don't have a lovely little shop here that stocks my threads and stuff. The one closest to me is just so expensive that I only go there in a pinch - a real painful pinch! So I normally trek across town to a rather dingy looking little establishment that has almost everything I want at really good prices! It's owned by an ancient little Indian guy who is so knowledgeable and helpful that I really don't mind trekking to get to him! And he has such wonderful bargains! He stocks DMC and Anchor so my basic needs are covered. And he has an array of wool and accessories, including aida, needles, hoops, buttons - and if you want you could even buy a pot or suitcase from him :-) But I digress.....
So what I started to say was that I got this gorgeous 100% bamboo wool at R10 a ball (ummm that would roughly be about 85 UK pence or  $1.38 US). I read about bamboo wool on my friend Ruth's knitting Blog ( With Needles and Wool ) and wanted to give it a go, so am very pleased to have found some at such a good price! Now to find a pattern that is not too taxing for my baby knitting ability :-)

One more week to go and we are off to Cape Town to spend some time with the family, celebrate my sis-in-law's engagement and visit old friends! Can't wait! Only wish it was longer than the six days we're going to be there!

Have a super day everyone!

Take care x x

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