Monday, August 1, 2011

A no stitchy weekend!

Well this weekend sure saw very little stitching getting done here! Not that I haven't been busy - just not busy stitching! Firstly, I had to be up at 6am on Saturday morning (I don't even get up that early during the week when I have to go to work!!) to get to the soccer fields at 8am as we were playing away - I hate when we play away! And then we were clobbered! Our boys put up a valiant fight but lost 6-2. They had fun losing though so it's all good :-) Isn't it just funny how at that age winning or losing is not an issue? When does all that change!?
We also had to go and get middle bug's birthday pressie - he turns 6 tomorrow! I can hardly believe it! My little pumpkin boy is turning 6! Where has the time flown? We've given him his pressie already as we're only having his party in September, so he's been happily playing his games (yes we caved in and bought him a Nintendo thingy!) this weekend!. Saturday evening we were off to my oldest bug's school for a fundraising concert - one of the parents at the school is a well known musician here (Dr. Victor and the Rasta Rebels) so off we went to support! Had an amazing time - old Victor is truely an amazing artist and proved to me why he is still such a popular artist after more than 20 years in the industry! We only got home at about 12 so no stitching at all! And the next day was a party for one of middle bug's friends so that took care of most of the day! So I'm sure you see why there was little time to stitch this weekend!

I did get a little bit of the lions done during the week though.

And this is the little bookmark I finished last week

Well this week it's stitch, stitch, stitch for me! Have a wonderful day everyone :-)

Take care x x


Maureen said...

certainly sounds like a busy weekend for you all - i do hope that this week you have been able to get a little stitching time for yourself..

RuthB said...

While early morning soccer and the Rasta Rebels sound gret (ok, not the early morning part for sure), here's wishing you far more stitching time this weekend. Love the lions nad the bookmark!