Monday, August 15, 2011


I can't believe it's been this long since I posted! Yikes indeed!

I do hope everyone has been well and busy :-)

I've had a rather hurley burley 2 weeks.... soccer has been played, crosses have been stitched, and stash has been bought!

On the Stitching front, there has been some progress always not as much as I want, but at least they're not sitting in a corner gathering dust! I've finished the Flora McSampler from Lizzie Kate, and am so pleased with it! It's my first piece on linen so even more special to me. Now to decide whether to just frame it or do something more adventurous - a pillow maybe? Any ideas?
Stiched on 28 Count Cashel Linen using DMC threads
The lions are also coming along, but I'm starting to seriously think that there will be no way on this planet that I'll be able to finish it in time! I stitch about 2 hours every night and am not the speediest of stitchers so have to be realistic - Dad may just be getting his pressie a little late!
About half way there...

I've also started a piece for a charity quilt that's being made up for kids with long term illness - it's a heart that's been drawn by a child who herself is ill, and these have been charted by someone in Germany. I'm hoping to get this completed and on it's way soon. No pic as yet as it's only just started :-)

Now I know I said no more stash buying - but this was needed....promise!
I wanted to get a small hardanger kit to learn the basic stitches, so bought one at Nordic Needle. Since postage was pretty pricey, I thought I may as well get some leverage out of it and ordered the other little hardanger kit (it was on sale!) and some stunning Caron Collection - Wildflower threads.Yes I know the threads are not essential to learning hardanger - but they were so pretty!
Stash to help me get started with Hardanger
On a more serious note, mother-in-law has been rushed to hospital this morning so the household has been in a state since about 4 this morning when we got the call. Hubby has flown down, even though his sister's says not to come - his mom is 82 years old so any kind of hospitalisation at this age makes us nervous. Also, especially since this is the first time in the 20 or so years that I've known her that she's been hospitalised.

And then the weather has just decided to go pear shape on us this morning! After a week of gorgeous spring weather, we have dark grey skies with clouds and drizzles! Most definitely not what I wanted to see today!

Well it's been a rather longish post I know, and if you've stuck it out this long - THANKS :-)

Have a lovely day everyone!

Take care x x

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