Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Been busy . . .

Doing loads of stuff! And the sad part is that not a bit of it has really been stitchy or crafty or even remotely arty! Not that I'm an arty - but I'm sure you understand :-)
Anyway, before I head off on another tangent, let me introduce you all to my little friend, Jean-Pierre
Jean-Pierre - the Sock Monkey!
This is my lovely Sock Monkey that I won in Tricia's Sock Monkey Giveaway! Isn't he just a cutie pie!?!!
I had to fight my youngest bug for him though - she automatically assumed that he belonged to her as she has a monkey that she sleeps with (a stuffed monkey, not the real kind !) so thought it was only right that Jean-Pierre and Monkey should play together. I quickly dispelled that myth and he is now safely ensconced in my craft room :-)

As I said before, stitchy -wise there's been a bit of a drought. I've yet to finish the scissor keep - stitching is all done but still need to put it all together

"When I grow up I'll be a Scissor Keep!"

As mentioned before, we've had the rather unpleasant task of replacing the ceiling boards in the kids' bedrooms as well as the kitchen, and while the job is now done, I have yet to get things back to normal. The electricians were out yesterday to reconnect all the lighting (except for the kitchen as this will be done once the kitchen cupboards are redone - did I mention that I'm redoing the kitchen?). The painter was out last night to see what work is needed and was supposed to have mailed me a quote by now.......
This weekend was the last of soccer as the season drew to a close. . . and what a close it was! The boys played 5 matches in the tournament and didn't lose a single one! They drew 4 matches  0-0, and won one outright 1-0! I think the parents were way more excited than the boys :-)
Tomorrow middle bug goes in to have grommets inserted. I believe that this is done under general anesthetic so am a little anxious about it, but sure that it will be okay.
Hubby also found out last week that he may have to have an ear operation as his right ear is losing it's hearing - something about the tympanic bones hardening and not being able to vibrate - we're looking at alternatives though as surgery is really a last resort!
Mum left to go back to Cape Town this morning - she's been with me for about 3 weeks and the kids loved it! She'll be landing back home in about an hour's time - it's going to feel strange going home this evening and not having her there....

Well I need to get back to work - so will stop yapping now :-)

Have a lovely day everybody!

Take care xx

Monday, September 19, 2011

A start, a finish. and a hole in the roof ....

Well actually it's not the roof. More like the ceiling! We're having the ceiling boards replaced in the bugs' rooms as well as the kitchen. Unfortunately when you buy a house here you don't have to disclose the fact that the roof may be a tad leaky. With summer fast approaching (our rains come in summer), we thought it prudent to have the roof fixed, the gutters replaced, and the ceilings gutted as I'm afraid it's going to come down on the bugs in their sleep (or me when I'm cooking!)
As anyone who's had this kind of work done in their home can attest to, it's a messy, messy, MESSY job! Dust everywhere! Every nook and cranny is inhabited by mutant dust bunnies! Now that the ceiling is replaced (they put the last in over the weekend), I've got to get the electrician out to see to the lighting, and only then can the painting take place....

Ooooo.....before moving to the stitching, I just have to share - my middle bug scored his first goal of the season this week! Not just one, but TWO!!!!! I don't think there was ever a prouder mum on the face of this planet as me! Two goals, successively!!! That's MY boy! :-) (Just wondering if I should mention here that this was the last game of the season - they only have 1 more tournament before the close of the season :-P ) I guess I should mention the stitching too :) The finish I mentioned is my needlebook for the Friendly Stitcher's Autumn Needlebook Exchange. I do hope my partner will like it - I'll post a pic as soon she receives it.
And then the start I mentioned is a scissor keep that I'm making for myself - one of my 2011 new things to make list items :) I chose to do a design by Marie-Anne Rethoret-Melin called "Sunny Colors", available at Creative Poppy. Sorry I can't put a pic up at the moment as my camera has decided to hide from the mutant dust bunnies.
I've also picked up the "Lions" again and made a little headway with that too! All in all a huley burley week :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

Take care x x

Monday, September 12, 2011

Boot Camp and a Win!

Oh goody goody goody for me! I won one of Tricia's adorable sock monkey critters over on Tricia's Smonkeys! I am so excited as firstly I've always admired her monkey's, and secondly, I've never won anything before! So I am very very very excited! :-)

Then, ofcourse, this weekend past was middle bug's birthday party! He was so excited about his Boot Camp party that he was up and about at 6 on Saturday morning, even though the party was only taking place at 12! And when the time came, boy did they have FUN! There were about 25 kids in total, but only 18 of them did the actual boot camp as the rest were younger siblings who were not too interested in charging about in the bush!  These boys were hilarious! We had 2 "sergeants" that took them all on maneuvers and did they enjoy themselves! They did everything from roll in the sand, "leopard" crawl through the mud, carry a "fallen" man, "duck" snipers, sit-ups, climbing obstacles, war cries, practiced their own version of the famous New Zealand rugby team's Haka war dance, and shooting at targets! At the end of it all they were muddy, dirty, grimy and grubby, but each little face was lit up with a huge smile! I bet they slept like angels that evening, as my middle bug certainly did!

Boot Camp Training

Some more pics :)

On Sunday we took the littles and my mom (have I mentioned that she flew in on Thursday to be here for middle bug's party?) out for breakfast, and since the Springboks were playing Whales (World Cup Rugby) we stayed and watched the match there. Nail-biting, hair-pulling stuff, especially since it appeared as if the SA springbok team seemed to have been replaced by a bunch of netball players! While we won (17-16), it was definitely a close call and if those boys don't wake up we're not going to get far in this world cup!

I know that this is more of a footnote :) but I really haven't done much stitching! I mentioned before that I wasn't quite sure if I like the needlebook that I was doing for the exchange over at Friendly Stitchers, so I re-started it. I'm about done now - finished the stitching and now busy putting it together. Should have it all done and ready to post out by this weekend ..... if I don't manage to get distracted! 

Well it's been a long post, and I suppose I should stop rambling on now:)

Have a wonderful day all!

Take care x x

Friday, September 9, 2011

CJC 2012 - some of my choices

So I've been spending the past 2 weeks mulling over what to choose for the Crazy January Challenge. I've scratched through the kits, rummaged through the charts, and fumbled through the magazines trying to narrow down the search to 15 projects. I am kind of, sort of decided on 11 of them, and still wrestling with deciding on the last 4! Should I be really brave and add a small HAED to my list? I have about 3 of the Storykeeps in my stash, as well as a few Quick Stitches that I could maybe start .... not all of them! Just one. Choose one I mean :-)
Well I still have 3 more months before I finalise this list - so even these 11 may change at a later date. But for now I think that these are definitely going to be on my CJC list for next year.

  • The Library by LHN
  • A Stitcher's Prayer by LHN
  • Home of a Needleworker (too) by LHN
  • Sunflowers in Summer by Country Cottage Needleworks
  • A Very Faint Line by My Big Toe Designs
  • I will Always be a Wildflower by Sam Sarah Design Studio
  • Bride's Tree Ornament - Love by Brooke's Books Publishing
  • Night Fairy kit by Lanarte (design by Maria van Scharrenburg)
  • The Other White Meat by Calico Crossroads
  • Rose Mosaic Needleroll by M. Designs
CJC 2012 Challenge

This weekend is middle bug's birthday party. Actually it's tomorrow. So I've spent a considerable part of this week running around trying to get organised (thank goodness I remembered to book the venue 2 month's ago!). My craft room is looking like I'm opening up a small corner cafe - there's that much sweets and crisps and drinks in it! Tonight we're packing up the party boxes and tomorrow is D-day! He wanted to have a Boot Camp party this year, so atleast I didn't have to worry about running around to get an army cake as the venue bakes those for you! Expect lots of pics in the next post :-)

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone, and remember that Tricia's Sock Monkey Giveaway closes today (9th Sept.) so head on over and take a peek!

Take care x x

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bab's Bountiful Giveaway!

Hallo all you lovely folks!
A quick note to tell you about the absolutely gorgeously generous giveaway Bab's is having over at Bab's Stitching & Stuff . To honour her Mom's memory she is giving away oodles of goodies that I know you'd love to have a chance to add to your stash. So go ahead and visit her!

Have a lovely day all!

From a hot and sunny South Africa
Take care x x

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Honey I'm home :-)

What a whirlwind of a week we had!Been in Cape Town with the family and had a ball! Think I put on about 10 kilos in the few days :-)
Kids had an absolute blast - they love visiting their cousins!
My bugs with 2 of their cousins
We tried to get out a bit and do some sight-seeing like tourists, but the weather was absolutely not playing along! We took the kids on a little boat trip out of the harbour - but even the seals didn't want to come out to play (it was that cold!).
A little bit of sight seeing
Freezing on the boat trip

And then we had my sis-in-law's engagement to prepare for on Saturday. It was just lovely seeing the two of them together - we can hardly wait for the wedding, which is to take place on the 18th of December. What to stitch I wonder!

Stitching-wise, as expected, there was very little that took place. I do however have one special finish ..... my first hardanger piece! Yes it's not big or intricate but it is all me! I couldn't quite get the hang of the web, so left it off - will do better next time!  I also openly admit that it took me about 10 minutes before I built up enough courage to make my first cut, and by then I felt like a surgeon making his first incision to perform open heart surgery :-) but I did it!! Now to find other easy patterns that won't be too taxing for this beginner!

Nordic Needle's "Beginner Hardanger Bellpull" stitched on Linen band with Anchor pearl cotten

I've also been very hard at work on my "Autumn Needlebook" for an exchange. Had a few false starts with it, and now that I am almost done with it I'm not sure if I like it - may just have to keep it as a "test" subject and start another one!

I do hope you've all been busy and well!

Take care x x