Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Been busy . . .

Doing loads of stuff! And the sad part is that not a bit of it has really been stitchy or crafty or even remotely arty! Not that I'm an arty - but I'm sure you understand :-)
Anyway, before I head off on another tangent, let me introduce you all to my little friend, Jean-Pierre
Jean-Pierre - the Sock Monkey!
This is my lovely Sock Monkey that I won in Tricia's Sock Monkey Giveaway! Isn't he just a cutie pie!?!!
I had to fight my youngest bug for him though - she automatically assumed that he belonged to her as she has a monkey that she sleeps with (a stuffed monkey, not the real kind !) so thought it was only right that Jean-Pierre and Monkey should play together. I quickly dispelled that myth and he is now safely ensconced in my craft room :-)

As I said before, stitchy -wise there's been a bit of a drought. I've yet to finish the scissor keep - stitching is all done but still need to put it all together

"When I grow up I'll be a Scissor Keep!"

As mentioned before, we've had the rather unpleasant task of replacing the ceiling boards in the kids' bedrooms as well as the kitchen, and while the job is now done, I have yet to get things back to normal. The electricians were out yesterday to reconnect all the lighting (except for the kitchen as this will be done once the kitchen cupboards are redone - did I mention that I'm redoing the kitchen?). The painter was out last night to see what work is needed and was supposed to have mailed me a quote by now.......
This weekend was the last of soccer as the season drew to a close. . . and what a close it was! The boys played 5 matches in the tournament and didn't lose a single one! They drew 4 matches  0-0, and won one outright 1-0! I think the parents were way more excited than the boys :-)
Tomorrow middle bug goes in to have grommets inserted. I believe that this is done under general anesthetic so am a little anxious about it, but sure that it will be okay.
Hubby also found out last week that he may have to have an ear operation as his right ear is losing it's hearing - something about the tympanic bones hardening and not being able to vibrate - we're looking at alternatives though as surgery is really a last resort!
Mum left to go back to Cape Town this morning - she's been with me for about 3 weeks and the kids loved it! She'll be landing back home in about an hour's time - it's going to feel strange going home this evening and not having her there....

Well I need to get back to work - so will stop yapping now :-)

Have a lovely day everybody!

Take care xx


Mouse said...

oooo he is cute and I can see why she wanted him .. good luck with all the appointments and things after and can't wait to see new kitchen etc and get that needle book finished hahahahah love mouse xxxxx

Tricia said...

Jean Pierre looks so cosy in his new home :).