Monday, September 12, 2011

Boot Camp and a Win!

Oh goody goody goody for me! I won one of Tricia's adorable sock monkey critters over on Tricia's Smonkeys! I am so excited as firstly I've always admired her monkey's, and secondly, I've never won anything before! So I am very very very excited! :-)

Then, ofcourse, this weekend past was middle bug's birthday party! He was so excited about his Boot Camp party that he was up and about at 6 on Saturday morning, even though the party was only taking place at 12! And when the time came, boy did they have FUN! There were about 25 kids in total, but only 18 of them did the actual boot camp as the rest were younger siblings who were not too interested in charging about in the bush!  These boys were hilarious! We had 2 "sergeants" that took them all on maneuvers and did they enjoy themselves! They did everything from roll in the sand, "leopard" crawl through the mud, carry a "fallen" man, "duck" snipers, sit-ups, climbing obstacles, war cries, practiced their own version of the famous New Zealand rugby team's Haka war dance, and shooting at targets! At the end of it all they were muddy, dirty, grimy and grubby, but each little face was lit up with a huge smile! I bet they slept like angels that evening, as my middle bug certainly did!

Boot Camp Training

Some more pics :)

On Sunday we took the littles and my mom (have I mentioned that she flew in on Thursday to be here for middle bug's party?) out for breakfast, and since the Springboks were playing Whales (World Cup Rugby) we stayed and watched the match there. Nail-biting, hair-pulling stuff, especially since it appeared as if the SA springbok team seemed to have been replaced by a bunch of netball players! While we won (17-16), it was definitely a close call and if those boys don't wake up we're not going to get far in this world cup!

I know that this is more of a footnote :) but I really haven't done much stitching! I mentioned before that I wasn't quite sure if I like the needlebook that I was doing for the exchange over at Friendly Stitchers, so I re-started it. I'm about done now - finished the stitching and now busy putting it together. Should have it all done and ready to post out by this weekend ..... if I don't manage to get distracted! 

Well it's been a long post, and I suppose I should stop rambling on now:)

Have a wonderful day all!

Take care x x


Mouse said...

oooo looks like a real load of fun that boot camp party :) nothing better than getting mucking when a boy and little ... glad you've got the needlecase sorted ... need to start mine soon :) love mouse xxxx

Tricia said...

You have been busy Thoeria, and your monkey will be posted to you in the next day or so.

I missed the Irish match against the USA on sunday morning. But we too had a great win :)

Bootcamp looked like lots of fun.