Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Honey I'm home :-)

What a whirlwind of a week we had!Been in Cape Town with the family and had a ball! Think I put on about 10 kilos in the few days :-)
Kids had an absolute blast - they love visiting their cousins!
My bugs with 2 of their cousins
We tried to get out a bit and do some sight-seeing like tourists, but the weather was absolutely not playing along! We took the kids on a little boat trip out of the harbour - but even the seals didn't want to come out to play (it was that cold!).
A little bit of sight seeing
Freezing on the boat trip

And then we had my sis-in-law's engagement to prepare for on Saturday. It was just lovely seeing the two of them together - we can hardly wait for the wedding, which is to take place on the 18th of December. What to stitch I wonder!

Stitching-wise, as expected, there was very little that took place. I do however have one special finish ..... my first hardanger piece! Yes it's not big or intricate but it is all me! I couldn't quite get the hang of the web, so left it off - will do better next time!  I also openly admit that it took me about 10 minutes before I built up enough courage to make my first cut, and by then I felt like a surgeon making his first incision to perform open heart surgery :-) but I did it!! Now to find other easy patterns that won't be too taxing for this beginner!

Nordic Needle's "Beginner Hardanger Bellpull" stitched on Linen band with Anchor pearl cotten

I've also been very hard at work on my "Autumn Needlebook" for an exchange. Had a few false starts with it, and now that I am almost done with it I'm not sure if I like it - may just have to keep it as a "test" subject and start another one!

I do hope you've all been busy and well!

Take care x x


Babs in Alabama said...

Hi Theoria! What an upbeat person you are. I'm going to love following your blog and seeing what you get yourself into :) Your first hardanger very pretty. I need to try it myself at least once. I love hardanger.
hugs and good luck in the drawing

Mouse said...

ooo looks like you had a fab time despite the weather and well done on the hardanger it looks fabulous :) can't wait to see your exchange piece must get mine sorted soon :) love mouse xxxx

Ruth said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip away, even if the weather didn't co operate.
How about a wedding smapler rofl..I know a few at this stage
I love your Hardanger and can only imagine how it felt cutting the first of the threads. This is something I want to get around to trying..it is on the list, if I ever get that far and I simply can't wait to see more of yours.
I'm sure your Needlebook is gorgeous.