Monday, September 19, 2011

A start, a finish. and a hole in the roof ....

Well actually it's not the roof. More like the ceiling! We're having the ceiling boards replaced in the bugs' rooms as well as the kitchen. Unfortunately when you buy a house here you don't have to disclose the fact that the roof may be a tad leaky. With summer fast approaching (our rains come in summer), we thought it prudent to have the roof fixed, the gutters replaced, and the ceilings gutted as I'm afraid it's going to come down on the bugs in their sleep (or me when I'm cooking!)
As anyone who's had this kind of work done in their home can attest to, it's a messy, messy, MESSY job! Dust everywhere! Every nook and cranny is inhabited by mutant dust bunnies! Now that the ceiling is replaced (they put the last in over the weekend), I've got to get the electrician out to see to the lighting, and only then can the painting take place....

Ooooo.....before moving to the stitching, I just have to share - my middle bug scored his first goal of the season this week! Not just one, but TWO!!!!! I don't think there was ever a prouder mum on the face of this planet as me! Two goals, successively!!! That's MY boy! :-) (Just wondering if I should mention here that this was the last game of the season - they only have 1 more tournament before the close of the season :-P ) I guess I should mention the stitching too :) The finish I mentioned is my needlebook for the Friendly Stitcher's Autumn Needlebook Exchange. I do hope my partner will like it - I'll post a pic as soon she receives it.
And then the start I mentioned is a scissor keep that I'm making for myself - one of my 2011 new things to make list items :) I chose to do a design by Marie-Anne Rethoret-Melin called "Sunny Colors", available at Creative Poppy. Sorry I can't put a pic up at the moment as my camera has decided to hide from the mutant dust bunnies.
I've also picked up the "Lions" again and made a little headway with that too! All in all a huley burley week :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

Take care x x


Mouse said...

oooo sorry about the roof .. at least it is done now and mmmm dust bunnies the bane of the stitchers life ... well done to middle bug on the goal scoring and can't wait to see the photos :0 love mouse xxxx

Lucie said...

Hope you soon get back to normal Thoeria - it must be a nightmare!

Well done to the middle bug on his goal scoring x