Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh my!

I'm starting to feel a bit like "Calamity Jane"- reeling from one incident to the next!

So my eldest bug is well - or rather as well as any smart mouthed 12 year old *can* be, and now my furry baby - my cat Scruffy, has been knocked by a car! This would be the 2nd time this year! And like the last time, the $%#@!* person that knocked him didn't bother to stop! My neighbour saw the incident and came to let me know. Scruffy is now at the vet. He's hip bone is badly fractured and he'll need metal plates inserted. The vet has however said that if they open him and find the nerve damage to be too much, then they'll have to amputate - so I may have a 3 legged cat - which may not be too bad as maybe then he'll stay at home!

Anyway.....on to the stitchy stuff

I've mentioned before that I participated in a Needle Book exchange that was organised by the Yahoo! group, Friendly_Stitchers. I received a lovely little book from Sandra, with the most gorgeous thread - I have no idea what type it is but it is an amazing silk - will have to find something special to use this with!
My lovely needle book & threads from Sandra
And as she's received mine, I can show you what I had stitched :)
My Autumn themed Needle book - stitched for Sandra
Freebie design by Erica Michaels - Fall into Autumn
Stitched on 32 count linen using DMC variations & local House of embroidery threads
I've also managed to finish middle bug's gift for his teacher - will have to get it framed before the end of the school year in December. Only eldest bug's gift to still complete!
Stitched on 25 count evenweave using DMC threads
Original design from Cross Stitcher Issue 202 - with a personal message added

I also finished the scissor keep! About time I know!

"Sunny Colours" by Marie-Anne Rethoret-Melin
Stitched on 14 count white aida using DMC satin  and cotton threads

I had to show you the beautiful flowers that I received from my soccer boys - such a lovely gesture!

Beautiful flowers received from my soccer boys

I've made a start on my 15 sided biscornu - only one block done though! Will be concentrating on getting more of this done, and starting my eldest bug's gift to her teacher.

See what happens if I don't post for a while - you get a long long long story ;-)

I do hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Take care x x


Mouse said...

awww poor furbabie .. hope things are not too bad for him .... lovely gifts both given and received and those flowers are gorgeous :) will keep passing a cuppa over to keep you going while you stitch and the odd biscuit too :) love mouse xxx

country stitcher said...

Fall into autumn turned out very cute. and so did your teachers gift.
I have a 15 sided Biscornu in my basket to do in my Crazy 2012 group.
Happy Stitching

Babs in Alabama said...

All the stitching so pretty and the flowers too. But I hope Scruffy will be ok. Maybe this will keep him out of the street whether amputation is needed or not! Hope so anyway.
I love the colors on your scissors keep :)
hugs (for kitty too)