Monday, October 24, 2011

A Scruffy update!

What a hot hot hot weekend!With temperatures over 30 degrees celcius there was very little stitching taking place! I also spent most of Saturday and Sunday driving! My eldest bug had a camp and had to be dropped off - the place they were camping at is about 75km away from home. So on Saturday it was driving to and back home. And Sunday it was driving to and then back home again! So all in all it was 300 km over 2 days, with 2 young bugs complaining about how long it was taking and why did their sister *have* to go on the camp! Absolute pleasure .... right ???

But I digress.... this was to be a short post to let you all know that Scruffy is doing well - he is still a 4 legged creature, but a 4 legged creature with a metal pin in his leg. I told the vet that if anyone was to take x-rays of this poor baby they'd think he was from an abused home - what with his broken jaw, bunged up leg, and smashed teeth on the side of his mouth where the last car had hit him! I'm really really hoping that he'll stay in the house now! He's still at the vet, but should hopefully be discharged today or tomorrow.

Oh I did manage some stitching, just not as much as I'd hoped to do. No start on the last gift and I've only done 3 of the biscornu blocks. I'm using the pattern in WOX Issue 168, but have totally changed the colours, fabric and threads :-) I'm doing it on a 30 count evenweave from Polstitches that I received in a grab bag that I'd ordered a while back, so no idea what the colour is called. I'll be doing each set of 5 on a slightly different shade of fabric so will be curios to see what the final result will look like!

3 blocks done - 12 to go!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Take care x x

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Mouse said...

oooo the biscornu so far is looking very pretty :) glad to hear scruffy is doing well and mmmmm camps are good if staying away longer than a night .lol .. love mouse xxxx