Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Topsy Turvy Days!

That's what the past 2 days have been like! I'm totally exhausted!

Let's see.... yesterday morning started on an absolute high as I learned that I had won the blogaversary giveaway on Manbroiderer's blog, Diary of a Manbroider ! This gentleman most positively has the fastest needles in the west! He chews through HAEDs  and large projects at a phenomenal rate and I openly admit to being in awe of his prowess :-)  So to have won a piece of his work is a real pleasure! I admired "Holly" when he completed her, and never imagined that she'd ever be gracing my home with her presence!

Nora Corbett's "Holly" Stitched by The Manbroiderer
I had meant to post this yesterday after I'd received the news, but alas life got in the way and things went a bit "turvy" this side....

I received a call from eldest bug's school to say that she'd collapsed - again. The second incident in as many months! So ... it was a mad rush from work to get to school to pick her up .... then off to the doctor again to see if there was anything wrong .... who then referred us to the pediatrician .... who then had her admitted to hospital so they could run a battery of tests to make sure that there was no real cause for alarm. Now normally I'd just have written the incident off to the heat  we had yesterday, but since it was the second time it's happened and the blood tests we had done the first time it happened had not revealed anything, I decided to rather take the safe route - so my eldest bug spent her first night in hospital. Luckily the ECG tests and CAT scans came back as all clear and blood work is fine - so we're writing it off as hormonal and just monitoring her. She's back at home and I'm back at work and all's good in the world :-)

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Take care xx


Mouse said...

oh well done on the win ... and sorry to hear about your eldest bug... hope she is feeling a wee bit better and you are de stressed now .... love mouse xxxx

Lucie said...

Oh dear Thoeria, what a stressful time for you all - hope the bug is on the mend soon :(

Congratualations on the win - you must be over the moon. Holly is beautiful and I would love her to be on my wall xx

Thoeria said...

Thanks ladies - my buggy is doing much better :)

Tricia said...

Hi Thoeria! Lovely blog! Something to think about... if your bug has any more problems... would be a food allergy of some sort. My dd has both wheat and soy allergy/intolerances and she can collapse easily - especially if it's hot. Just a thought. Glad to hear that she's doing better... and hooray for your recent stitching wins! : )