Monday, October 3, 2011

Not too shabby a weekend!

Would you believe that this weekend we had a storm that howled around the house, poured buckets from the heavens, along with a pyrotechnic display accompanied by a cacophony of thunder that came very close to making me jump out of my skin, which for me would be a feat as jumping - along with running, skipping, or any other form of physical exercise - is not something I do naturally :-)
So ... Saturday evening we have this lovely storm raging, and Sunday morning I waken to a lovely damp patch in my lovely, newly installed ceiling... which if you'll remember was installed after the roof was repaired about 3 weeks ago! Needless to say the "fixing" of the roof was not quite 100%, so called them out this morning and they've promised to come and sort this out on Wednesday - fingers crossed that this happens as promised!
Along with wet patches in leaky roofs, I also took the bugs to see "The Smurfs" on Sunday morning. We had a lovely time at the cinema and when we came home I stitched and I stitched and I stitched (I think it must have been the smurf song that was playing in my head that caused this burst of productivity)!
It was a lovely Sunday!
I started and finished (I hear your intake of amazement that I actually got something done) a Lizzie Kate snippet that will be little bug's gift to her nursery teacher.
Lizzie Kate Snippet stitched on 14 count Marbled Aida with DMC threads
I added a small message on the books for her teacher :)  I still have to decide on a finish - I've never done a flat-fold and am playing with the idea of trying this method with this little piece. As our schools only close in early December, I have enough time to think about the finish. I still have 2 more teacher gifts to stitch (started middle bug's one this evening, but it's too dark to take a pic now) and am rather pleased with myself for not waiting for the last second before scurrying around trying to get it done in time.
I also started to stitch a piece that I want to use to make a tooth fairy pillow for middle bug - being a 6 year old he's starting to have wiggly teeth so thought I'd surprise him with a little pillow. Of course little bug was most adamant that you don't get a boy tooth fairy and thus her brother doesn't need a pillow :-) I've done quite a bit on it and should have it done in this week too
Tooth Fairy stitched on 14 count aida with DMC threads

The scissor keep is however still sitting in my work box giving me dirty looks - I'm going to have to finish it this week too as I don't know how much more of these glances I can take!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and got loads done . . . even if it may only have the laundry! In which case, can I drop my ironing off with you :-)

Take care xx 


Mouse said...

ohhhh hope they get it sorted for you :) nice stitching for the teacher too and love the boy fairy for the wobbly teeth and yes you do have boys .. i used to work for a dentist and the tooth fairies would come for a visit ;) love mouse xxxx

Babs in Alabama said...

I love the finish! but am so sorry about the roof/ceiling after what you'd already gone through with it.

The teacher will love the gift.