Friday, November 11, 2011

Has it been a week already??

Woke up this morning and realised that it's been about a week that's gone by since I last visited! And it's been a busy week - kids, cats and stitching has been keeping me on my tippy toes this past week!
Last night we went to our eldest bug's "talent concert" . Nothing says "I love you my baby" quite like sitting through one of these just to hear your kid warble off a tune(?) that the police should consider using as a weapon to suppress rioters (how can you riot when you're trying to cover your ears?) :-)
Sounds terrible I know! :-P  My bug's talent is unfortunately not singing - don't get me wrong - she has numerous other brilliant talents - singing is just not one of them. We had a grand time though. It was hilarious, in places painful and even scarey, but thoroughly entertaining (think the first few weeks of an IDOLS show when they're still weeding through all the hopefuls). What was brilliant was watching the rest of the school kids celebrate in their friend's attempts. They didn't care if their friends were off key or couldn't dance - they spurred them on and cheered and clapped and danced in the aisles, singing the chorus along with their buddies on stage. It was an amazing and marvelous evening! No pics though as it was way too dark in the school hall to get anything good.
Tomorrow is little bug's concert - should be fun too! This will be her first concert as the school didn't do one last year. She is so excited ! It's only about 30 minutes long as you can only get 4 year olds to do what you want them to do for so long!
On the stitchy front (no pics in this post!) there has been good progress - eldest bug's pressie is done, the heart is about there, and the wedding sampler is about halfway there! I'll post pics next time!
Hope you all have a wonderfully busy weekend! I've got another kiddy party to go to on Sunday morning so hopefully I can relax the afternoon and get some stitching done!

Take care x x


Ruth said...

Hi Thoeria,

Seems so long since I caught up with your blog...sounds like you had a busy week and don't you just love those concerts rofl..I'm afraid singing is not any of my bugs talents either but I just love that they get up and give it a go and all their friends support that, looking forward to seeing some of the stitchy pics.

Maureen said...

school talent shoes are just the best lol! my dd was in one last year, she was dancing with two girls singing - who were completely useless and forget the words and just argued on stage, Neve god bless her kept her professionalism and just kept dancing - too funny!