Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home at last!

After 2 weeks of hospitalization Scruffy is finally home! His liver had started shutting down last week (apparently pretty common in kitties who undergo highly stressful situations)- hence his extended stay - but he has now been pronounced fit, or rather as fit as can be :-) I think that Scruffy gives credibility to the saying "a cat has 9 lives"!  I think he's used up about 5 of them this year so he's going to have to be careful!

Other than being rather thin and shaved on one side of his body, he's looking very dapper indeed.

I was *forced* to do some stash buying - not much! - for one of my "crazies" - I've asked the very talented designer of the SAL called Tree of Stitches, if I could use her design as one of my projects and she has very kindly said yes. I therefore bought some lovely silk threads from a local supplier - Chameleon Threads. And since it didn't make sense to only buy a few skeins, I threw in 2 fat quarters of gorgeous fabric and a few other bits and bobs.  I'm going to have to get more thread though - the 4 won't be enough :-)
A little bit of stash

All in all the week has been a good one. I've been stitching every evening and getting work done on each of my going pieces - I've been alternating - Monday was the wedding sampler, Tuesday was the lions, Wednesday was the wedding sampler, and tonight will be the heart. Tomorrow evening is the wedding sampler again, and then the next evening will be teacher's gift. And then the cycle starts again - until the wedding is done. Then the Lions will be the priority stitch and I will alternate with it. I've got to get these done!

Have a super day!

Take care xx


Ruth said...

Welcome home Scruffy and I'm so pleased to hear he's better.
Love the stash and your rotation sounds like a good one, I'm glad its working for you and you are getting through your projects.

Mouse said...

awww glad he is home and he looks pretty much ok doesn't he :) and oooo nice stash you got there :) love mouse xxxx