Monday, November 21, 2011

From me to you

Monday's here.....again! And the wedding sampler is still not complete! Had my brother visit me from Cape Town this weekend so haven't done much in the line of stitching! Thankfully the weather has turned cooler so it makes for a more productive me :-)

I've been going through my stash and came across these odds that could use a new home. This is not a giveaway in the conventional sense, and no you don't have to be a follower. I just want them to go somewhere where they'll be used :-) So if you're interested drop me an email or a comment with the thing you're interested in. If more than one person for the same, I'll have to go "Eeny Meeny My-ny (is that how you even spell it??) Moh!".

New Stoney Creek Chart - "Mother"

A new "Value Pack" of Madeira Metallic threads
I've stitched this one - the chart is unmarked

There's a few more things I have but haven't had a chance to take pics yet as the battery of the old camera decided that it needs charging.

As I said - it's free to anyone who wants it and will be able to use it :-)

Have a lovely day all!

Take care x x


Linda said...

Hi Thoeria. If you still have the charts I have 10 cats and would love the May Cat. I would also take the metallic thread if no one else wants it.

Thanks, Linda

Monique said...

Morning Thoeria. Mmm I would also be interested in the May cat as it's just too darling but anyhoo I see it's already being asked for so hope the recipient enjoys it.