Saturday, December 3, 2011

December ..... already?!!?

Can you believe December's here already???
I've been a very busy little bunny :) On the non-stitchy front, my life has been turned upside down with the major renovations that we're doing to the kitchen.I now have no kitchen and it's been take-outs this whole week (not that the bugs are complaining!). (Unfortunately my camera is not behaving and I have yet to figure out how to send the pics from the phone to my laptop)

I'm certain that at some stage I've mentioned that eldest bug starts High School next year (she goes to grade 8) and my middle bug goes to Primary School (grade 1). Because we are in Cape Town (my home town) for SIL's wedding from the 14th, we have had to get the bugs's school uniforms for the new year sorted out now as when we get back, the shops will no doubt be overrun with angry parents trailing moody offspring through the crowds and fighting for the last age 6 white school shirt that the shop has to offer! I just have to get their school shoes and shirts this weekend then can relax!

My brother (who turned 43 this year) has returned to studying full time this year - very brave of him if you ask me! He's studying some micro-biology thing - just can't remember exactly what! - and as he is doing it through a distance learning university, he has to come up this side to complete his lab work. So he has been spending the past 2 weekends here with me (the campus he's at is in Pretoria which is about an hour and a half drive from me, so he stays there during the week and heads my way the weekend).  It's been such fun having him close - the bugs absolutely adore having their uncle around - he's the one who runs around the house having water gun fights, and jumps on the trampoline, and just generally does crazy things with them :-) I guess not having any kids of his own, he enjoys spending the time with them too.

I suppose I should mention the stitching too :) I've set everything else aside to get the wedding sampler done and am pleased to report that I am *almost* there! Just the back stitching and wording to do, then on to the beading! I decided to replace the french knots with beads - I finished the knots on the one half of the sampler but they just didn't look french knotty enough so I've unknotted the lot and decided to re-do them as beads! Should have it done this by Monday for the latest! Happy dance for me then!

As always - thanks for the visit :)

Take care x x


Ruth said...

I think some weeks I'd like no kitchen and take outs...sure would be nice lol. Hope its all done soon and won't you just be in kitchen heaven then... Way to go you having the bugs all sorted for school, you can sit back and relax and not have to thinkg about needing that last shirt with moody bugs in tow lol.
I've a brother who is the exact same and its fun for the children. Can't wait to see the wedding sampler bet it rocks.

Mouse said...

oooo ... you have been busy and enjoy the take outs while they last nice to get all uniforms done and dusted with out worrying isn't it .. and sounds like your brother is the perfect uncle too :) looking forward to seeing the finished wedding sampler :) love mouse xxxx