Friday, December 16, 2011

Holidays are Here!!!

At last! The holidays are finally here! I'm afraid that the baking of cupcakes will have to be on hold for a little while longer until I get back home in January!

Arrived in Cape Town last night after what can only be described as an eventful flight! Firstly my original flight was cancelled and moved 2 hours earlier - which I was informed of a month ago so it was no real surprise. However, arriving at the airport with the 2 little bugs in tow at 15h30 to check in and discovering that my flight was delayed by an hour was not a pleasant omen. Then after picking up our boarding passes, we were made to wait a further 15 minutes outside in the access tunnel leading to the plane. Got on the plane and made our way to our seats (which as luck would have it was wayyyyy at the back of the plane) and noticed that the blue goo that normally belongs in the loos had somehow made it's way onto the floor ......
Then there was the passenger who could not be found who's luggage was on the plane and which they now obviously needed to remove from the plane. And after take off, about an hour into the flight, the young couple who sat next to me with their 2 little boys had a bit of a problem as the air-host (is that what you call the men who are now in the planes??) had managed to close the bathroom door on the little boy's finger when his mom had taken him to the bathroom to change his nappy! Needless to say the little boy was not a happy chappy and spent the next hour (I kid you not!) screaming - not that you could blame the poor tyke!

But we're here now - and have been busier than bees getting the last of the wedding things sorted.

Yesterday, before our flight, I went to pick up mail and was surprised to find a little envelope from RuthB. I had totally forgotten that she had generously decided to send everyone who had entered her blogiversary giveaway over at The Musing Badger, a little something. I received these lovely skeins of The Gentle Sampler threads in delicious Tutti Frutti and Butternut Squash! Even the names sound delicious :) Thanks RuthB!

Lovely threads and card from RuthB
I'm afraid the kitchen pics doesn't really do the kitchen justice, but I am really quite happy with it! Can't wait to get back home and start baking!
New stove, oven and cooker hood - tiling still to be completed!
The drawers and pot drawers
I couldn't take much pics as the camera on my mobile doesn't allow much zooming out to get a wide angle view.

I've also updated my 2012 CJC list to include some hardanger and a biscornu with a few speciality stitches, so if you have a moment do take a peak at the page :)

Have a lovely day / evening all!

Take care x x


Ruth said...

Sounds like a eventful journey and I'm glad you are all there safely. Enjoy your wedding and family get together. Loveing the kitchen, I just love the dark presses you've chosen.

Mouse said...

ohhh glad you got there safely and sorry to hear bad journey ...lovely threads you got sent and ooooo the kitchens coming along beautifully :) love mouse xxx

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The Holidays Are Here! Time for some seasonal music.