Friday, December 9, 2011

Wild Happy Dance!

It's done! It's done! It's done!

After much anxiety I've completed the wedding sampler! Wild happy dance for me is what I think :-)
It's at the framer at the moment so should be all done next week - hopefully I'll have it back on Tuesday as I fly out on Wednesday!

Stitched on 28 Count White Jobelan
DMC Threads & Mill Hill Beads
Yes it's not huge ..... no it wasn't difficult .... I'm just a slow stitcher :-)

I also wanted to show you all pics of the bugs with their teacher's gifts. School officially closed for the year today - now it's looking forward to some holiday time!
The bugs with their teacher gifts
I figured out how to get the pics off my mobile so here's the pics of my bare kitchen - they've finished most of it up this week except for the scullery, which they'll only be able to complete next year as the company closes today. I can't really blame them as the reason for the delay was really beyond their or my control. I've atleast got my stove and oven in working order (or it should be by this evening!) and I can bake again!
The naked scullery - this will only be fixed up in the new year
This spot is where my new oven will be housed
There'll be cupboards all along here!

I'll be taking pics of the new kitchen over the weekend. It's not 100% done yet as the tiling still needs to be re-done as well the scullery!

Wishing all happy dances over the weekend :-)

From a wet and warm Johannesburg!

Take care x x


Ruth said...

Oh well done Thoeria on getting the wedding sampler done it looks wonderful. How cute are your bugs and the teachers gifts are just lovely, I'm sure they will be very much appreciated. Can't wait to see your new kitchen and what shall you bake first ?

The Manbroider said...

Congrats on your Finish! The bugs look like happy campers with thier teachers gifts! I vote for chocolate cupcakes!

Maureen said...

what a lovely wedding sampler - it's always nice to see something less traditional. Can't wait to see how your kitchen comes on..