Friday, August 26, 2011

Crazy January Challenge 2012

Can't believe I've signed up for this but getting more excited as I think about it!

What is the Crazy January Challenge, you ask? Simple - it's madness :-)

The rules are simple .....
Minna has created a Yahoo Group, to allow you to stretch and challenge yourself and in the process use up your stash! To join the group click here .

The rules are simple .....
1. Start stitching a new design every day, from January 1st to January 15th. So by January 15th you have 15 new WIPs to stitch!
2. Try and finish everything you started stitching during the year 2012 :)
3. Have fun stitching!

I've got a few ideas running around in my head on what I want to do - loads of charts and stash to go through to decide.......

Come and join the madness! You know you want to :-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Only 3 more days before we leave to Cape Town! Yippee!!!

Take care x x

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tricia's Lovely Giveaway

Just a quick note to let you all know of the lovely give-away Tricia is having on her Sock Monkey blog! DOn't know what a sock monkey is? Well head on over to Tricia's Smonkeys to see these cute critters and stand a chance to win one of her lovely creations!

Take care x x

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lovely weekend!

Spring is definitely coming early this year - what lovely weather we had! So this weekend I did a whole lot of nothing - okay that's a little white fib ... I did a teeny tiny bit of stitching on the lion (I think because I know that I'm not going to get it done in time I am taking it a little easier)

Roaring past the halfway mark! 
I also made some more samoosa's (cheese& corn ones - YUM!), played another soccer match (or rather middle bug played and I was the Mad Soccer Mum on the sidelines), watched SA beat New Zealand (did I ever mention that I am a bit of a rugby fan?) and went wool shopping!

I don't have a lovely little shop here that stocks my threads and stuff. The one closest to me is just so expensive that I only go there in a pinch - a real painful pinch! So I normally trek across town to a rather dingy looking little establishment that has almost everything I want at really good prices! It's owned by an ancient little Indian guy who is so knowledgeable and helpful that I really don't mind trekking to get to him! And he has such wonderful bargains! He stocks DMC and Anchor so my basic needs are covered. And he has an array of wool and accessories, including aida, needles, hoops, buttons - and if you want you could even buy a pot or suitcase from him :-) But I digress.....
So what I started to say was that I got this gorgeous 100% bamboo wool at R10 a ball (ummm that would roughly be about 85 UK pence or  $1.38 US). I read about bamboo wool on my friend Ruth's knitting Blog ( With Needles and Wool ) and wanted to give it a go, so am very pleased to have found some at such a good price! Now to find a pattern that is not too taxing for my baby knitting ability :-)

One more week to go and we are off to Cape Town to spend some time with the family, celebrate my sis-in-law's engagement and visit old friends! Can't wait! Only wish it was longer than the six days we're going to be there!

Have a super day everyone!

Take care x x

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halfway there!

Over the past 2 days I've been stitching like a woman possessed and am now at the halfway mark with the lions! I would need to stitch non-stop over the next 10 days to complete it in time, but I must admit that I am glad I won't be too late with Dad's pressie - he'll get it as a surprise 2nd pressie later!

We've also gotten some bad news about MIL - she's unfortunately got a very bad blockage in her heart, and the doctors wanted to perform surgery yesterday. However, she and the kids have all decided against it. She's a tiny little lady who weighs about 45kg's (not sure what that is in pounds!) and at 82 she really doesn't need the trauma of major surgery. So she'll be going home over the next few days and will have to take things very easy.

The miserable weather we've had seems to be at an end - on Monday afternoon we had what I can only call sleet! It wasn't rain - it wasn't snow - but it was definitely sludgy ice that poured from the heavens! Never seen anything like it here. Just glad it's over and we're back to blue skies and chilly air (not wind - the air is just slightly fresh!)

Hope you have all been keeping busy and safe :-)

Take care x x

Monday, August 15, 2011


I can't believe it's been this long since I posted! Yikes indeed!

I do hope everyone has been well and busy :-)

I've had a rather hurley burley 2 weeks.... soccer has been played, crosses have been stitched, and stash has been bought!

On the Stitching front, there has been some progress always not as much as I want, but at least they're not sitting in a corner gathering dust! I've finished the Flora McSampler from Lizzie Kate, and am so pleased with it! It's my first piece on linen so even more special to me. Now to decide whether to just frame it or do something more adventurous - a pillow maybe? Any ideas?
Stiched on 28 Count Cashel Linen using DMC threads
The lions are also coming along, but I'm starting to seriously think that there will be no way on this planet that I'll be able to finish it in time! I stitch about 2 hours every night and am not the speediest of stitchers so have to be realistic - Dad may just be getting his pressie a little late!
About half way there...

I've also started a piece for a charity quilt that's being made up for kids with long term illness - it's a heart that's been drawn by a child who herself is ill, and these have been charted by someone in Germany. I'm hoping to get this completed and on it's way soon. No pic as yet as it's only just started :-)

Now I know I said no more stash buying - but this was needed....promise!
I wanted to get a small hardanger kit to learn the basic stitches, so bought one at Nordic Needle. Since postage was pretty pricey, I thought I may as well get some leverage out of it and ordered the other little hardanger kit (it was on sale!) and some stunning Caron Collection - Wildflower threads.Yes I know the threads are not essential to learning hardanger - but they were so pretty!
Stash to help me get started with Hardanger
On a more serious note, mother-in-law has been rushed to hospital this morning so the household has been in a state since about 4 this morning when we got the call. Hubby has flown down, even though his sister's says not to come - his mom is 82 years old so any kind of hospitalisation at this age makes us nervous. Also, especially since this is the first time in the 20 or so years that I've known her that she's been hospitalised.

And then the weather has just decided to go pear shape on us this morning! After a week of gorgeous spring weather, we have dark grey skies with clouds and drizzles! Most definitely not what I wanted to see today!

Well it's been a rather longish post I know, and if you've stuck it out this long - THANKS :-)

Have a lovely day everyone!

Take care x x

Monday, August 1, 2011

A no stitchy weekend!

Well this weekend sure saw very little stitching getting done here! Not that I haven't been busy - just not busy stitching! Firstly, I had to be up at 6am on Saturday morning (I don't even get up that early during the week when I have to go to work!!) to get to the soccer fields at 8am as we were playing away - I hate when we play away! And then we were clobbered! Our boys put up a valiant fight but lost 6-2. They had fun losing though so it's all good :-) Isn't it just funny how at that age winning or losing is not an issue? When does all that change!?
We also had to go and get middle bug's birthday pressie - he turns 6 tomorrow! I can hardly believe it! My little pumpkin boy is turning 6! Where has the time flown? We've given him his pressie already as we're only having his party in September, so he's been happily playing his games (yes we caved in and bought him a Nintendo thingy!) this weekend!. Saturday evening we were off to my oldest bug's school for a fundraising concert - one of the parents at the school is a well known musician here (Dr. Victor and the Rasta Rebels) so off we went to support! Had an amazing time - old Victor is truely an amazing artist and proved to me why he is still such a popular artist after more than 20 years in the industry! We only got home at about 12 so no stitching at all! And the next day was a party for one of middle bug's friends so that took care of most of the day! So I'm sure you see why there was little time to stitch this weekend!

I did get a little bit of the lions done during the week though.

And this is the little bookmark I finished last week

Well this week it's stitch, stitch, stitch for me! Have a wonderful day everyone :-)

Take care x x