Monday, October 31, 2011

Rain Rain Hooray!!!

After a hot and dry week and a bit, the heavens decided to pity us poor souls and opened up! We had a gorgeously wet, albeit hot, weekend. That's the advantages of summer rainfall - the rains come to cool things down so you don't turn into a dried out crisp, but it's not unpleasant at all. I love the rain!

The LHN chart that I had won in the 123stitch September competition arrived along with the fabric that I had ordered for the wedding sampler that I want to stitch for my sis-in-law. So part of the weekend (Saturday to be exact!) was definitely spent putting in a bit of time on this. This is how far I've come - basically one corner.
Wedding Sampler - stitched on 28 count White Jobelan

Sunday saw a start being made to elder bug's teacher gift ..... at last!
Lizzie Kate - Seeds of Knowledge
Stitched on linen - colour uncertain as it was in my stash :-)
Ever wonder what happens to your missing stitched bits?? You know, the one's that you mail and it never arrives at it's destination even though the address is clearly printed and the envelope sealed?? I'm of the opinion that they run off to marry those socks that go missing out of your washer / dryer. Just my view...
The reason I ask is because somewhere out there is a heart that I had stitched that was to be part of a quilt, that never arrived *sigh* So I've re-started it and this is what I've done
Quilt Block stitched on 14 count white Aida
I really am not a fan of white on white! I mean I've seen white work and it is stunning - I just hate doing it myself! My eyes have complained bitterly about this abuse, but I will soldier forth and get this done ..... again!

My eldest bug also had her Masquerade "Prom" this weekend. I forced her to stand and let me take pics or she was not going to be dropped at her friend. :-P
Eldest bug on her way to the Masquerade Prom

So this week will see me trying to make headway on these projects - 15 sided biscornu .........uuurrrggghhhh
I'll have to pick it up again some time in the future!

Have yourselves a lovely day! Be safe and if it's snowing out there - be warm!

Take care x x

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Scruffy update!

What a hot hot hot weekend!With temperatures over 30 degrees celcius there was very little stitching taking place! I also spent most of Saturday and Sunday driving! My eldest bug had a camp and had to be dropped off - the place they were camping at is about 75km away from home. So on Saturday it was driving to and back home. And Sunday it was driving to and then back home again! So all in all it was 300 km over 2 days, with 2 young bugs complaining about how long it was taking and why did their sister *have* to go on the camp! Absolute pleasure .... right ???

But I digress.... this was to be a short post to let you all know that Scruffy is doing well - he is still a 4 legged creature, but a 4 legged creature with a metal pin in his leg. I told the vet that if anyone was to take x-rays of this poor baby they'd think he was from an abused home - what with his broken jaw, bunged up leg, and smashed teeth on the side of his mouth where the last car had hit him! I'm really really hoping that he'll stay in the house now! He's still at the vet, but should hopefully be discharged today or tomorrow.

Oh I did manage some stitching, just not as much as I'd hoped to do. No start on the last gift and I've only done 3 of the biscornu blocks. I'm using the pattern in WOX Issue 168, but have totally changed the colours, fabric and threads :-) I'm doing it on a 30 count evenweave from Polstitches that I received in a grab bag that I'd ordered a while back, so no idea what the colour is called. I'll be doing each set of 5 on a slightly different shade of fabric so will be curios to see what the final result will look like!

3 blocks done - 12 to go!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Take care x x

Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh my!

I'm starting to feel a bit like "Calamity Jane"- reeling from one incident to the next!

So my eldest bug is well - or rather as well as any smart mouthed 12 year old *can* be, and now my furry baby - my cat Scruffy, has been knocked by a car! This would be the 2nd time this year! And like the last time, the $%#@!* person that knocked him didn't bother to stop! My neighbour saw the incident and came to let me know. Scruffy is now at the vet. He's hip bone is badly fractured and he'll need metal plates inserted. The vet has however said that if they open him and find the nerve damage to be too much, then they'll have to amputate - so I may have a 3 legged cat - which may not be too bad as maybe then he'll stay at home!

Anyway.....on to the stitchy stuff

I've mentioned before that I participated in a Needle Book exchange that was organised by the Yahoo! group, Friendly_Stitchers. I received a lovely little book from Sandra, with the most gorgeous thread - I have no idea what type it is but it is an amazing silk - will have to find something special to use this with!
My lovely needle book & threads from Sandra
And as she's received mine, I can show you what I had stitched :)
My Autumn themed Needle book - stitched for Sandra
Freebie design by Erica Michaels - Fall into Autumn
Stitched on 32 count linen using DMC variations & local House of embroidery threads
I've also managed to finish middle bug's gift for his teacher - will have to get it framed before the end of the school year in December. Only eldest bug's gift to still complete!
Stitched on 25 count evenweave using DMC threads
Original design from Cross Stitcher Issue 202 - with a personal message added

I also finished the scissor keep! About time I know!

"Sunny Colours" by Marie-Anne Rethoret-Melin
Stitched on 14 count white aida using DMC satin  and cotton threads

I had to show you the beautiful flowers that I received from my soccer boys - such a lovely gesture!

Beautiful flowers received from my soccer boys

I've made a start on my 15 sided biscornu - only one block done though! Will be concentrating on getting more of this done, and starting my eldest bug's gift to her teacher.

See what happens if I don't post for a while - you get a long long long story ;-)

I do hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Take care x x

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Topsy Turvy Days!

That's what the past 2 days have been like! I'm totally exhausted!

Let's see.... yesterday morning started on an absolute high as I learned that I had won the blogaversary giveaway on Manbroiderer's blog, Diary of a Manbroider ! This gentleman most positively has the fastest needles in the west! He chews through HAEDs  and large projects at a phenomenal rate and I openly admit to being in awe of his prowess :-)  So to have won a piece of his work is a real pleasure! I admired "Holly" when he completed her, and never imagined that she'd ever be gracing my home with her presence!

Nora Corbett's "Holly" Stitched by The Manbroiderer
I had meant to post this yesterday after I'd received the news, but alas life got in the way and things went a bit "turvy" this side....

I received a call from eldest bug's school to say that she'd collapsed - again. The second incident in as many months! So ... it was a mad rush from work to get to school to pick her up .... then off to the doctor again to see if there was anything wrong .... who then referred us to the pediatrician .... who then had her admitted to hospital so they could run a battery of tests to make sure that there was no real cause for alarm. Now normally I'd just have written the incident off to the heat  we had yesterday, but since it was the second time it's happened and the blood tests we had done the first time it happened had not revealed anything, I decided to rather take the safe route - so my eldest bug spent her first night in hospital. Luckily the ECG tests and CAT scans came back as all clear and blood work is fine - so we're writing it off as hormonal and just monitoring her. She's back at home and I'm back at work and all's good in the world :-)

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Take care xx

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Dance!!!

The roof's been fixed, the paintings just about all done, and I won a lovely chart in the 1-2-3 Stitch! September month competition! I'm just a happy bunny today :-)

The chart I won is called "Pumpkin Hollow Farms" by LHN

Can't wait for it to get here!

I've spent most of the weekend polishing, cleaning and hanging curtains in little and middle bug's rooms - the painting was finished there on Friday hence my mad scramble at trying to return the house to some semblance f normality!

I was also bitterly disappointed by our boys in green yesterday when they lost to Australia..... I know that that's how the game goes and in the end the better team won ....even though I'd have like our boys to bring back the cup :-)

I've finished middle bug's tooth fairy pillow and made some progress with the second teacher's gift, but alas no pics yet.... will have to take them  later and post some other time :-)

Hope you all had a smashingly good weekend!

Take care xx

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CJC2012 Updated

I'm still trying to finalise my list for the Crazy January Challenge 2012 that Miina has arranged (check out the rules here) and with only 3 months left to the year I guess I need to finalise this soon!

I've selected the following 10 already:

  • The Library by LHN

  • A Stitcher's Prayer by LHN

  • Home of a Needleworker (too) by LHN

  • Sunflowers in Summer by Country Cottage Needleworks

  • A Very Faint Line by My Big Toe Designs

  • I will Always be a Wildflower by Sam Sarah Design Studio

  • Bride's Tree Ornament - Love by Brooke's Books Publishing

  • Night Fairy kit by Lanarte (design by Maria van Scharrenburg)

  • The Other White Meat by Calico Crossroads

  • Rose Mosaic Needleroll by M. Designs

  • And I've decided to add the following 2 to my list as well

  • Crafty Cat by Margaret Sherry - as featured in Issue 135 of Cross Stitcher

  • The Pirate Queen by Dark Side of the Moon - as featured in Issue 172&173 of World of Cross Stitch

  • Margaret Sherry's Craft Cat

    Pirate Queen

    Now to decide on the last 3 projects!

    Take care x x

    Monday, October 3, 2011

    Not too shabby a weekend!

    Would you believe that this weekend we had a storm that howled around the house, poured buckets from the heavens, along with a pyrotechnic display accompanied by a cacophony of thunder that came very close to making me jump out of my skin, which for me would be a feat as jumping - along with running, skipping, or any other form of physical exercise - is not something I do naturally :-)
    So ... Saturday evening we have this lovely storm raging, and Sunday morning I waken to a lovely damp patch in my lovely, newly installed ceiling... which if you'll remember was installed after the roof was repaired about 3 weeks ago! Needless to say the "fixing" of the roof was not quite 100%, so called them out this morning and they've promised to come and sort this out on Wednesday - fingers crossed that this happens as promised!
    Along with wet patches in leaky roofs, I also took the bugs to see "The Smurfs" on Sunday morning. We had a lovely time at the cinema and when we came home I stitched and I stitched and I stitched (I think it must have been the smurf song that was playing in my head that caused this burst of productivity)!
    It was a lovely Sunday!
    I started and finished (I hear your intake of amazement that I actually got something done) a Lizzie Kate snippet that will be little bug's gift to her nursery teacher.
    Lizzie Kate Snippet stitched on 14 count Marbled Aida with DMC threads
    I added a small message on the books for her teacher :)  I still have to decide on a finish - I've never done a flat-fold and am playing with the idea of trying this method with this little piece. As our schools only close in early December, I have enough time to think about the finish. I still have 2 more teacher gifts to stitch (started middle bug's one this evening, but it's too dark to take a pic now) and am rather pleased with myself for not waiting for the last second before scurrying around trying to get it done in time.
    I also started to stitch a piece that I want to use to make a tooth fairy pillow for middle bug - being a 6 year old he's starting to have wiggly teeth so thought I'd surprise him with a little pillow. Of course little bug was most adamant that you don't get a boy tooth fairy and thus her brother doesn't need a pillow :-) I've done quite a bit on it and should have it done in this week too
    Tooth Fairy stitched on 14 count aida with DMC threads

    The scissor keep is however still sitting in my work box giving me dirty looks - I'm going to have to finish it this week too as I don't know how much more of these glances I can take!

    Hope you all had a lovely weekend and got loads done . . . even if it may only have the laundry! In which case, can I drop my ironing off with you :-)

    Take care xx