Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'd meant to post earlier....really I had! But alas, the lure of chocolate cake and life just kept tripping me up :)
I've been out taking sneak peaks at what you've been up to though, and my oh my but you have been a busy bunch :)

I've been playing with my Spanish Geometrical Sampler and making slow progress, but I guess slow progress is better than no progress! This is when I last left it, as a CJC start...

Spanish Geometrical Sampler
11 January 2012

And this is what it looked like after Thursday evening's stitching

Spanish Geometrical Sampler
26 January 2012
The weekend saw me putting in some time with my spring biscornu. I've still got some beading to do then I need to whip it all together - so that's my weekend stitch this week! For the rest of this week, I've taken out the Pirate Queen and will be devoting my evenings to her.

This weekend past also saw me celebrate my *cough* *cough* *splutter* birthday :) Got some lovely flowers from hubby and the bugs, and Saturday evening it was just the hubby and me - spent a lovely evening at the theatre and then off for a delicious Italian supper .....YUMMY!

My lovely birthday blooms from hubby and the bugs

I got some gorgeous threads in TSS birthday thread exchange - a mix of overdyes and silks in my favourite colours :) I also received some DMC stock in the OM exchange.

Cards and threads received

Hubby has also told me that I can use his credit card to get myself some more stash , and my darling brother has sent me a voucher for 123stitch too :-D There's a few charts that I really want to stitch but just couldn't bring myself to buy the silks - now I can do so without any guilty conscious :)

This has been a marathon post I know! SO if you made it this far then thanks!

Have a wonderful week further!

Take care x x

Monday, January 23, 2012

TUSAL Update

Oh my....how silly of me! Almost forgot that today is TUSAL update time, so without any further drama..
January's ORTs
If you'd like to join this Totally Useless Stitch A Long then click here and you can sign up, or just find out more :-)

Take care x x

A Crazy, A Card and Cake...

Well, actually it's not really cake .....it's muffins to be exact :) But muffins don't start with a C and this way the subject sounds better doesn't it :-P

I'm wildly exuberant about the fact that I've completed one of my crazies! Yes, it's one of the smaller ones on my list, but it's a crazy, and it's done!

"A Very Faint Line" by MBTD
Stitched on 28ct Ivory Jobelan
with the recommended WDW threads

I've yet to decide if I'm going to frame this one, or try my hand at my first stand-up. Decisions....decisions....

Then the Card is this cutey
Design by Margaret Sherry
Stitched on 14ct white aida

I've forgotten where I found this little kitty cat - I know it's in one of my magazines, but I forgot to make a note of it before coming to work this morning ....

And then, there's the cake / muffins :) The little one's wanted to bake yesterday, so we quickly threw together some chocolate muffins - this time middle bug decided that he wasn't going to let his sister have all the fun, and joined in :)

Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake Baker's kids :)
Yummy chocolate muffins
I'm still stitching my Spring Biscornu for the exchange, and this is coming along nicely - will definitely have it in the mail before the post out date!

I've also been thinking about what type of rotation I want to work on to get all my crazies and other bits of stitching done, and have decided to keep it really simple:

  • Monday - Thursday : Stitch on a Crazy chosen for the week
  • Friday - Sunday : Stitch on WIPS / WISPS / UFOs  or indulge in some knitting or other activity that may snag my interest (hopefully this way I can get around to that crochet that I've been promising myself!)
So with this in mind, for this week's crazy, I think I'll be stitching on  the "Spanish Geometrical Sampler". 

Have a lovely day all, and thanks for stopping by :)

Take care x x

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho ......

it's off to school they go :-)

Yes - the school year has started and my bugs have been all excited about getting the year started. I had 2 "new" starts this year - my eldest bug started High School ( out here we don't distinguish between Snr. and Jnr. - it's the same school ... so it's High School ), and my middle bug went to Grade 1 (Primary School) and according to him, he is now in "big school" :-) Baby bug is back at her old Nursery School and only to pleased to be off with her friends! The holidays were lovely, but the little one's obviously found it too long. Hmmmmmm.....wonder how long that belief is going to last!

Back to School 2012
The original plan had been to get my biscornu started this week. I've unfortunately not been able to do this as yet - been occupied with sellotape and book covering the last two days and doing a bit of work on a card and a crazy :) Pics will follow in next update :) With schools re-opening, my stitching time has also drastically reduced as I now have to be up an hour earlier than usual, I am just too tired in the evenings to manage more than 2 hours of stitching. And with the soccer season starting soon ...... need I say more?

Hope you've all been busy stitching and crafting and keeping busy :)

Take care x x

Monday, January 16, 2012

The last of the crazy starts

Soooo....while I have not posted about my last few starts, I have been stitching them! A new start for every day of the first fifteen days of January! What an achievement! And what would be an even greater achievement would be to actually finish them :-P

So without any further yapping....

Day 12 ... My rather tiny start was "Sunflowers in Summer" by CCN, which I am stitching on 30 ct linen using the recommended threads.
Sunflowers in Summer by CCN
Stitched on 30ct linen

Day 13 ... I chose to stitch Margaret Sherry's delightful crafty cat which had been featured in Issue 135 of the UK magazine "Cross Stitcher". I'm stitching this mischevous kitty on 14 ct white aida, using DMC threads

Crafty Cat by Margaret Sherry
Stitched on 14ct aida with DMC threads

Day 14 ... and I picked up "Colonial Roses" by The Sweetheart Tree. I am using the threads and fabric which came with this kit - 32ct Rue Green Belfast Linen and DMC threads.

Colonial Roses Biscornu kit by The Sweetheart Tree
Stitched on 32 ct Dublin Linen with DMC threads

Day 15 ... for the last day of the challenge, I brought in a surprise stitch :-) I've had this in my stash for a few years now and have always found other things to stitch, so I've decided to add it to my list and this way I know it's going to get done!
Alphabet Learner by Chris Davenport
Stitched on 18ct aida with Dimensions threads

So now I can get stuck into completing my crazies...right? Wrong! I've signed up in a Spring Biscornu Exchange at Friendly Stitchers so will be spending the balance of this week to get as far along with this as possible.

I'm off to hop along and peak at all you've been up to :-)

Take care x x

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stitching and baking!

That's what I've been up to :)

Got home from work last night and decided that quiche sounded like a good idea for supper - sooo I slapped together these yummies!
Tuna Quiche and Mushroom Quiche
And then thought, while I'm at it, I may as well pop a bread in the oven.
Brown seed loaf
And then I finally got down to the stitching after supper :)
My crazy installment for day 11 was the Spanish Geometrical Sampler from Needle's Content. I'm using a local silk to do this one with - chameleon silks - and chose 32 ct Laguna in Antique White.

Spanish Geometrical Sampler
Stiched on 32ct Antique White Laguna
Using Chameleon silks 
I doubt that I'll be doing any baking this evening, but this weekend .... well that's another story!

Take care x x

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Start?

Yes indeed! Another start! We're almost at the end of the starts for the CJC2012, and I must admit that I am so looking forward to getting stuck into these projects! Only 5 more sleeps! Yay!!!!

I decided to switch from the cross stitch last night and started the small hardanger kit that will eventually grow up to be an emery pincushion. I changed the threads from the kit to some Caron Waterlilies that I had in my stash - I love these colours!
Emery Pincushion designed by Roz Watnemo
Stitched with Caron Waterlilies - Twilight

Sarah, over at Craftymoo is having an absolutely lovely giveaway - interested? Click here to take a peak and enter!

I can't wait for this evening to choose my next "crazy" :-)

Take care x x

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A change to the plan

A very good morning from a hot and sweltering Johannesburg! Woke up this morning feeling as though a taxidermist had been at my head during the night and stuffed cotton wool balls behind my eyeballs! Pity I can't take off from work though :(
But it's all good - have taken some pain killers and am at my desk!

I've made a change to my crazy list - or rather I've re-introduced one of the charts that I had initially wanted to stitch, then replaced with something else, but since it seems that I'm not going to get the threads in time to do the "something else", I'm bringing back my old choice :-) That was one long sentence wasn't it? My english teacher would have made me write lines if she had to read it :-)

And so, without any further yapping, here's my start for day 9 ....

Pirate Queen by Dark Side of the Moon
Stitched on 28 count Antique White evenweave
using DMC threads
This is by far the biggest project in my challenge list, and I was two minded as to whether or not I should add it as I didn't want to have any UFOs from the challenge for next year. However, I've decided that part of the fun of the CJC is also to challenge yourself and extend yourself - so I'm adding this piece and will finish it! It's going to be a pressie for oldest bug - I would love to have it done in time for her birthday in June, but not sure if I can do it .... we'll have to wait and see.

If I haven't yet said HI to the new pics I see on my side bar then do excuse me - Hello and welcome to my little world of madness and mayhem :-)

I suppose I should be off to do what I am paid for though, so until tomorrow's update of this evening's stitching, hope you all have a wonderful day/evening/afternoon!

Take care x x

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another day done

I had what can only be described as a lazy lazy Sunday today! The morning was spent at the shops getting the usual day to day goods- boring stuff really! And the afternoon was spent doing some reading, and then ... wait for it ... I took a little nap! Haven't done that in forever, but decided that when the little bugs went off to nap, that it was a good idea to take a short snooze myself. and it was divine!
When I eventually forced my lazy self off the bed, I decided that it was a great idea to bake some cookies - so little bug and I spent some time in the kitchen baking up a batch of choc chip cookies - yummy! According to middle bug, his sister bakes "the best cookies in the world" ! They finished off all the cookies after supper :)

The best choc chip cookies in the world being baked :-)

So stitching only started after 8pm this evening. For today I chose to stitch "A New Day" by MBTD. I'm stitching it on a piece of  28 count Wichelt linen (China Pearl), using DMC threads. As I had a short nap I think that I'm going to do a few more stitches before heading off to bed :-)

A New Day by MBTD
Stitched on China Pearl 28 count Wichelt Linen with DMC threads

Take care x x

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Small starts

While I've been making my new starts every day, I'm afraid that there's not much stitches put in to each one!

My choice for day 6 was "Rose Mosaic Needle Roll" by M Designs. I'm stitching this on 32 count Lakeside Linen (colour : Cornsilk), using the recommended threads. Even though the amount of stitches made doesn't reflect it, I found it difficult to put this one down. I'm probably going to struggle with the finish, but I know I am going to enjoy stitching this!

Rose Mosaic NeedleRoll by M Designs
Stitched on 32 count Lakeside Linen
Today's choice was to start "The Library" by LHN. I'm stitching this one on a piece of 32 count Laguna called Days Gone By, using the recommended Crescent Colour threads. I had hoped to get further with it, but when I kept on dropping off to sleep while trying to stitch, I've decided to call it quits for the day!

"The Library" by LHN
Stitched on 32 count Laguna

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Take care x x

Friday, January 6, 2012

Crazy Day 5 .... & some wedding pics!

Day 5 already?! I must admit that each evening I feel like a little kid on her birthday, trying to decide which present to unwrap next :-P
I am having difficulty getting some threads for 2 of my choices, and am patiently waiting to see if they'll arrive in time, otherwise I'll have to change my list ........ again!

Last night's choice was "A Very Faint Line" by My Big Toe Designs. It looks like a fun easy stitch and reminds me of the LK designs! I'm stitching it on 28 count Ivory Jobelan and the recommended Weeks Dye Works threads.

"A Very Faint Line" by MBTD
28 count Ivory Jobelan
recommended WDW threads
I finally managed to find the camera with a few of the wedding pics on! They're a mix of different bits in no particular order. I should point out that the wedding cake was made (from the baking to the decorating) by my brother-in-law!

I'll be putting some more holiday pics to share over the next few days :)

The grand plan was to stitch, stitch, stitch this weekend ... notice the use of *was*. Unfortunately that may not be the case - being away from home for so long, has meant that there's loads that now needs sorting and cleaning, so I may find myself spending part of this weekend doing non-stitchy stuff!

Have a lovely day further and thanks for dropping by :-)

Take care x x

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crazy Day 4

After the excitement of the last few days, I am happy to report that the gate is now finally all fixed, hubby and elder bug are home, and they brought a surprise package along with them! Got home from work last night to discover that my dad had decided to make the trip with them. He'd originally told me that he wasn't going to come as the drive was too long and his back hurts if he sits for extended periods of time. So I am pleased as punch that he changed his mind! Mum will come later in the year after her op later this month.

With all of this I was completely exhausted last night, and only managed a few stitches before I fell asleep with my stitching in-front of the telly. So without any further ado, my crazy start for day 4 - Home of a Needleworker (too) by LHN.
Home of a Needleworker (too) by LHN
Stitched on 28 count Wichelt Linen - China Pearl
Threads: Crescent Colours
Have a lovely day all!

Take care x x

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crazy Day 3

Well last night was thankfully uneventful - just what I needed! I had a company come and have a look at the gate this morning (ran away from the office for a bit) and as they didn't have the necessary poles etc to complete the job, they can only repair the gate tomorrow, so it's another night of worry. Hubby will unfortunately not be back this evening - have I mentioned its a loonnnnngggg drive? Fingers crossed tonight will be as last night!

In all the excitement I forgot to mention that I had gone to pick Scruffy up from the cattery. The little chap was so happy to be home - they said that he had gone off his food and he does look rather skinny again, but I like to believe he missed me as he ate 3 bowls once we came home - he just kept on gobbling his food and asking for more!

I also had a lovely surprise today. Before I had left for Cape Town, I had done a small Christmas exchange on one of the forums I belong to, OpenMinders. I went to the post office this morning to collect my mail and was pleasantly surprised with my exchange goodies as I had all but forgotten about it.

Lovely goodies from Rita
I love these cute buttons!

And I suppose I should mention my new crazy start right ? :-)
I chose to stitch "The Other White Meat" by Calico Crossroads as my start today. I'm planning on gifting this to my brother for his birthday - I know he'll appreciate the humour in it!

The Other WHite Meat by Calico Crossroads
Stitched on 14 count white aida withe DMC threads

You all have a lovely evening!

Take care x x

Monday, January 2, 2012

Crazy Day 2

Well the day certainly started out crazily enough for me ... though not for the reasons you may think!
I was rather rudely awakened at 3.23am this morning by the screaming of the home alarm. I'm not the idiot you see in the movies who ventures off into the dark when the music gets all scarey :) but I did switch the lights on in the rooms and take a peep out of the window to see if I could see anything. About 5 minutes tops and the intercom buzzed - security company responding. I had to tell them to hold on as I was coming out - unfortunately you can only reset the fence alarm in the garage and I wasn't going to do that without backup being there! It would appear that we had another attempted break in. Unfortunately with the gate not closing properly, my makeshift attempt to keep it closed did not work and the would be thieves quickly dismantled it and attempted to gain access to the property. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am to the electrical fence and the security company (they actually sent another guard around earlier this evening to check if all was ok and to tell me that they would be passing by ever so often to make sure things were still fine).
After all of this, I finally managed to doze off to sleep at about 4am, and was awakened at 5.30am by hubby who had not heard the security company's call as his phone had been on vibrate. He's decided to make his way home and should be leaving tomorrow morning - not sure when he'll get back here though as it is a lonnnnng drive!
Anyway, I decided that sleep was obviously not going to happen so started my second crazy - The Tree of Stitches designed by Abi Gurden. After about an hour and a bit's stitching, I decided that I wasn't happy with the colour I'd chosen for the tree trunk, and yanked it out. Restarted it all again and am much happier with this colour! Atleast I got to start with the Smyrna Stitch :-)

"Tree of Stitches"
Stitched on 28 count Opalescent Cashel Linen
using Chameleon Silks

Being on holiday has unfortunately meant  that I haven't had any time to do some reading - hence my lack of an update there Ruth :) I haven't joined a reading challenge group ....I unfortunately read at the same pace that I stitch - which is slowly :) Unfortunately the only time I get to read is at night, which is also the only time that I get to read - so it's often a toss up which I'll do!

Tomorrow I'm back at work - another thing I am so not looking forward to! I know that in today's economical climate one should be happy to work, but to be honest I am so reaching a point where all I want is to be a stay at home mom - especially with the bugs going to 3 different schools this year! I have no idea how anyone manages more (yes I meant that for you Ruth :-D)

Off to try and catch some shut eye now - wish me luck that it will be an undisturbed evening!

Take care x x

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's good to be home!

Oh it really is lovely to be back in my own space! While I loved catching up with all the family, Cape Town for all it's beauty, is not the best place for me to holiday as I can't relax - it's rushing between my Mom's house, my MILs home, my sister's place, my brother's place, my brother-in-law's place, friends' homes....starting to get the picture? I need a holiday to recover from my holiday! The bugs had an absolute ball though and complained bitterly about having to come home with me :) Hubby will only be driving back with the eldest bug on Wednesday, so they'll only get here on Thursday.

On the way back from the airport, the 2 little bugs fell asleep on the backseat of the car, even though they had declared most vehemently that they did not need to take a nap when they get home :)
"We don't need to nap! We're not tired!"
Getting out of the car at home, I immediately heard the beeping sound the fence alarm makes if it was set off, but thought nothing of it until later, when I finished unloading the bags, and carrying the rather heavy bugs inside to bed, and noticed that the front gate looked "wrong" - something just wasn't right. Upon closr inspection, I realised why I thought something was wrong - the gates which normally close flush against each other, was no longer doing it.
The front gate that doesn't close.
I only then noticed the damage to the wall.
The hinges almost out of the wall
It would appear that we had an attempted break-in. Thankfully the electrical fence, and the security company's arrival had deterred the would-be scally wags! Unfortunately I'll only be able to get someone out to see to the gate on Tuesday, as Monday is a bank holiday here.

With all this drama and my travelling today, it has meant that I've had a late start with my CJC piece. As you'll see there's only a few stitches made, but I'll be getting back to it in a bit :) I decided to kick-start my 15 days of madness with "A Stitcher's Prayer" by LHN. It doesn't look like much right now, but I'm looking forward to watching this one grow!
Crazy Stitch Day 1 : LHN A Stitcher's Prayer
Well I should be back to stitching, but may just do a bit of blog hopping before then :)

Hope you all had a lovely New Years Day, and thanks so much for the wishes received!

Take care x x