Monday, January 23, 2012

A Crazy, A Card and Cake...

Well, actually it's not really cake's muffins to be exact :) But muffins don't start with a C and this way the subject sounds better doesn't it :-P

I'm wildly exuberant about the fact that I've completed one of my crazies! Yes, it's one of the smaller ones on my list, but it's a crazy, and it's done!

"A Very Faint Line" by MBTD
Stitched on 28ct Ivory Jobelan
with the recommended WDW threads

I've yet to decide if I'm going to frame this one, or try my hand at my first stand-up. Decisions....decisions....

Then the Card is this cutey
Design by Margaret Sherry
Stitched on 14ct white aida

I've forgotten where I found this little kitty cat - I know it's in one of my magazines, but I forgot to make a note of it before coming to work this morning ....

And then, there's the cake / muffins :) The little one's wanted to bake yesterday, so we quickly threw together some chocolate muffins - this time middle bug decided that he wasn't going to let his sister have all the fun, and joined in :)

Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake Baker's kids :)
Yummy chocolate muffins
I'm still stitching my Spring Biscornu for the exchange, and this is coming along nicely - will definitely have it in the mail before the post out date!

I've also been thinking about what type of rotation I want to work on to get all my crazies and other bits of stitching done, and have decided to keep it really simple:

  • Monday - Thursday : Stitch on a Crazy chosen for the week
  • Friday - Sunday : Stitch on WIPS / WISPS / UFOs  or indulge in some knitting or other activity that may snag my interest (hopefully this way I can get around to that crochet that I've been promising myself!)
So with this in mind, for this week's crazy, I think I'll be stitching on  the "Spanish Geometrical Sampler". 

Have a lovely day all, and thanks for stopping by :)

Take care x x


The Manbroider said...

I "LOLed" at your finish! Its fantastic!

Ruth said...

Well done Thoeria on the finish and be it large or small a finish is a finish and needs to be celebrated as such...Oh I love the look of those muffins..mmmmm, I started my diet this morning so I cant be indulging :(
Cute card and I do like the sound of your rotation. I like a rotation where you can get to different things to keep your interest yet still get some things done.

Lucie said...

Well done Thoeria on your first Crazy finish - bet you feel good to have it done :)

Mouse said...

wooo hooo happy dance for your finish and cute card tooo and those muffins look yummy :0 love mouse xxxxx

Gillie said...

Well done, here's to many more! What a true saying! I need to organise a rotation too.

Linda said...

Great finishes. I love them.


Tricia said...

Thoeria well done on your finish, a great feeling of complishment isnt it, those muffins look yummy and your little chefs look happy making them and your card is so cute :0).

Nicola said...

Brilliant and all too true. I think that I cross it sometimes.

Your children are gorgeous. It is such fun to bake with them, my son at 29 still likes to lick the bowl.

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Congratulations on finishing your Crazy... I loved the saying xD... and your card is so cute... if you remember the mag share with us ;).... I would say that your middle bug... also enjoyed "helping" washing the bowl too :D