Monday, January 2, 2012

Crazy Day 2

Well the day certainly started out crazily enough for me ... though not for the reasons you may think!
I was rather rudely awakened at 3.23am this morning by the screaming of the home alarm. I'm not the idiot you see in the movies who ventures off into the dark when the music gets all scarey :) but I did switch the lights on in the rooms and take a peep out of the window to see if I could see anything. About 5 minutes tops and the intercom buzzed - security company responding. I had to tell them to hold on as I was coming out - unfortunately you can only reset the fence alarm in the garage and I wasn't going to do that without backup being there! It would appear that we had another attempted break in. Unfortunately with the gate not closing properly, my makeshift attempt to keep it closed did not work and the would be thieves quickly dismantled it and attempted to gain access to the property. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am to the electrical fence and the security company (they actually sent another guard around earlier this evening to check if all was ok and to tell me that they would be passing by ever so often to make sure things were still fine).
After all of this, I finally managed to doze off to sleep at about 4am, and was awakened at 5.30am by hubby who had not heard the security company's call as his phone had been on vibrate. He's decided to make his way home and should be leaving tomorrow morning - not sure when he'll get back here though as it is a lonnnnng drive!
Anyway, I decided that sleep was obviously not going to happen so started my second crazy - The Tree of Stitches designed by Abi Gurden. After about an hour and a bit's stitching, I decided that I wasn't happy with the colour I'd chosen for the tree trunk, and yanked it out. Restarted it all again and am much happier with this colour! Atleast I got to start with the Smyrna Stitch :-)

"Tree of Stitches"
Stitched on 28 count Opalescent Cashel Linen
using Chameleon Silks

Being on holiday has unfortunately meant  that I haven't had any time to do some reading - hence my lack of an update there Ruth :) I haven't joined a reading challenge group ....I unfortunately read at the same pace that I stitch - which is slowly :) Unfortunately the only time I get to read is at night, which is also the only time that I get to read - so it's often a toss up which I'll do!

Tomorrow I'm back at work - another thing I am so not looking forward to! I know that in today's economical climate one should be happy to work, but to be honest I am so reaching a point where all I want is to be a stay at home mom - especially with the bugs going to 3 different schools this year! I have no idea how anyone manages more (yes I meant that for you Ruth :-D)

Off to try and catch some shut eye now - wish me luck that it will be an undisturbed evening!

Take care x x


Mia said...

You have such a lovely start :)

Hope your alarm system won't be needed and you can sleep peacefull!


Ruth said...

Oh Thoeria I'm so sorry you had to be woken up like that and am glad that you have such a good security company, thankfully tomorrow is a work day and you will be able to get it fixed up proper and hopefully have some sleep.
I love your start and the colours look lovely so you obviously made the right decision then.
I don't know how you manage work, home and children and admire anyone who can, me I think I'll just stick to being a mom as the thought of juggling all that makes my head spin some...
My reading to has dropped back to just at night before bed but I am still determined to get back into it so let me know, you can always set a lower amount and we can just read together and egg each other on to become some better read stitchers lol.

Mouse said...

ohh nooo not again .... glad you have a good security system in place ... may be you ought to get an audio book then you can listen and stitch ??? love mouse xxxx

Tricia said...

Oh Thoeria, how awful that those vandals wont give up. Hopefully with you turning on all the lights might keep them away. Love your new project and look forward to seeing more stay safe xx
ps your b-card should be in post tomorrow so hopefully you'll recieve on time xx

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

How scary, When we lived in a city we had three intruders in our home whilst we were in our beds. Not a nice experience. It is good that the security guards responded quickly.

From seeing Abi's design I am guessing that you belong to the specialist stitchers group. I love being a member of the group everyone is so warm and helpful.

I am looking forward to following your blog.