Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crazy Day 3

Well last night was thankfully uneventful - just what I needed! I had a company come and have a look at the gate this morning (ran away from the office for a bit) and as they didn't have the necessary poles etc to complete the job, they can only repair the gate tomorrow, so it's another night of worry. Hubby will unfortunately not be back this evening - have I mentioned its a loonnnnngggg drive? Fingers crossed tonight will be as last night!

In all the excitement I forgot to mention that I had gone to pick Scruffy up from the cattery. The little chap was so happy to be home - they said that he had gone off his food and he does look rather skinny again, but I like to believe he missed me as he ate 3 bowls once we came home - he just kept on gobbling his food and asking for more!

I also had a lovely surprise today. Before I had left for Cape Town, I had done a small Christmas exchange on one of the forums I belong to, OpenMinders. I went to the post office this morning to collect my mail and was pleasantly surprised with my exchange goodies as I had all but forgotten about it.

Lovely goodies from Rita
I love these cute buttons!

And I suppose I should mention my new crazy start right ? :-)
I chose to stitch "The Other White Meat" by Calico Crossroads as my start today. I'm planning on gifting this to my brother for his birthday - I know he'll appreciate the humour in it!

The Other WHite Meat by Calico Crossroads
Stitched on 14 count white aida withe DMC threads

You all have a lovely evening!

Take care x x


Ruth said...

Love the crazy start, its so cute and love the little buttons you received, can't wait to see what you use them on :)

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I hope every thing goes ok tonight, at least you know the alarm works. Your name is very pretty I haven't come across it before.

Mouse said...

ooo well done and fingers crossed it gets sorted out real quick for you :) love mouse xxxx

Ruth said...

Love your challenge piece for today Thoeria, your brother will love it. Hope everything goes ok tonight, thinking of you and hope hubby will arrive real soon xxx