Friday, January 6, 2012

Crazy Day 5 .... & some wedding pics!

Day 5 already?! I must admit that each evening I feel like a little kid on her birthday, trying to decide which present to unwrap next :-P
I am having difficulty getting some threads for 2 of my choices, and am patiently waiting to see if they'll arrive in time, otherwise I'll have to change my list ........ again!

Last night's choice was "A Very Faint Line" by My Big Toe Designs. It looks like a fun easy stitch and reminds me of the LK designs! I'm stitching it on 28 count Ivory Jobelan and the recommended Weeks Dye Works threads.

"A Very Faint Line" by MBTD
28 count Ivory Jobelan
recommended WDW threads
I finally managed to find the camera with a few of the wedding pics on! They're a mix of different bits in no particular order. I should point out that the wedding cake was made (from the baking to the decorating) by my brother-in-law!

I'll be putting some more holiday pics to share over the next few days :)

The grand plan was to stitch, stitch, stitch this weekend ... notice the use of *was*. Unfortunately that may not be the case - being away from home for so long, has meant that there's loads that now needs sorting and cleaning, so I may find myself spending part of this weekend doing non-stitchy stuff!

Have a lovely day further and thanks for dropping by :-)

Take care x x


Ruth said...

Love the start Thoeria, I don't know this piece so I'm waiting to see what the fine line is...rofl I have my own ideas what I'd put in there ; weekend was supposed to be stitchy also but decorations need to come down now as its past little christmas and that brings its own bid tidy and clean up and rearranging everything of these days we shall have a full stitching weekend :)

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

Remember that the only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary. 

Mouse said...

ooooo well done on your the fine line ... love that one ... gorgeous photos of the bugs at the wedding ... and oooo nooo not having much stitchy time is bad :( hope it improves real quick :) love mouse xxxxx

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Hi Theora, have just dropped over from the Friendly Stitchers :)
Goodness me I don't know how you can possibly be keeping up with this challenge AND 3 bugs. Well done. Good luck getting the remainder of your goodies for your 2012 crazies, I know what that waiting game is like, 3-6 weeks for orders here at times
Liz of Oz x

Monique said...

Hi Thoeria. Curiousity has gotten the better of me and I want to ask if you get all of your supplies from overseas? It's just that most o the items you are using in your crazy 15 isn't items that I have come across here before. Oh and I sent you a email about our exchange while you were on holidays, not sure if you got it. Loving all the items you are working on. Monique

Stitching Noni said...

What a lovely new start! Love the wedding pics - thank you for sharing them with us :o) What a clever BIL you have - the cake is gorgeous.