Friday, January 20, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho ......

it's off to school they go :-)

Yes - the school year has started and my bugs have been all excited about getting the year started. I had 2 "new" starts this year - my eldest bug started High School ( out here we don't distinguish between Snr. and Jnr. - it's the same school ... so it's High School ), and my middle bug went to Grade 1 (Primary School) and according to him, he is now in "big school" :-) Baby bug is back at her old Nursery School and only to pleased to be off with her friends! The holidays were lovely, but the little one's obviously found it too long. Hmmmmmm.....wonder how long that belief is going to last!

Back to School 2012
The original plan had been to get my biscornu started this week. I've unfortunately not been able to do this as yet - been occupied with sellotape and book covering the last two days and doing a bit of work on a card and a crazy :) Pics will follow in next update :) With schools re-opening, my stitching time has also drastically reduced as I now have to be up an hour earlier than usual, I am just too tired in the evenings to manage more than 2 hours of stitching. And with the soccer season starting soon ...... need I say more?

Hope you've all been busy stitching and crafting and keeping busy :)

Take care x x


Lenne said...

Aww- they look adorable!

Ruth said...

Oh Thoeria the bugs look so cute..Holidays are never long enough if you ask me. I know all about book covering and cellotape ! although when I ordered this years books online the shop very kindly covered all of them for me...oh what a delight that was. I hope your not run to ragged with being up the extra hour and soccer season..

Nicola said...

Priceless photos.