Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's good to be home!

Oh it really is lovely to be back in my own space! While I loved catching up with all the family, Cape Town for all it's beauty, is not the best place for me to holiday as I can't relax - it's rushing between my Mom's house, my MILs home, my sister's place, my brother's place, my brother-in-law's place, friends' homes....starting to get the picture? I need a holiday to recover from my holiday! The bugs had an absolute ball though and complained bitterly about having to come home with me :) Hubby will only be driving back with the eldest bug on Wednesday, so they'll only get here on Thursday.

On the way back from the airport, the 2 little bugs fell asleep on the backseat of the car, even though they had declared most vehemently that they did not need to take a nap when they get home :)
"We don't need to nap! We're not tired!"
Getting out of the car at home, I immediately heard the beeping sound the fence alarm makes if it was set off, but thought nothing of it until later, when I finished unloading the bags, and carrying the rather heavy bugs inside to bed, and noticed that the front gate looked "wrong" - something just wasn't right. Upon closr inspection, I realised why I thought something was wrong - the gates which normally close flush against each other, was no longer doing it.
The front gate that doesn't close.
I only then noticed the damage to the wall.
The hinges almost out of the wall
It would appear that we had an attempted break-in. Thankfully the electrical fence, and the security company's arrival had deterred the would-be scally wags! Unfortunately I'll only be able to get someone out to see to the gate on Tuesday, as Monday is a bank holiday here.

With all this drama and my travelling today, it has meant that I've had a late start with my CJC piece. As you'll see there's only a few stitches made, but I'll be getting back to it in a bit :) I decided to kick-start my 15 days of madness with "A Stitcher's Prayer" by LHN. It doesn't look like much right now, but I'm looking forward to watching this one grow!
Crazy Stitch Day 1 : LHN A Stitcher's Prayer
Well I should be back to stitching, but may just do a bit of blog hopping before then :)

Hope you all had a lovely New Years Day, and thanks so much for the wishes received!

Take care x x


Mouse said...

ooouch re the fence and gate ... good job you had help on hand to stop them getting in .... poor bugs asleep and well done on your start too :) happy new year to you as well :) love mouse xxxx

Stitching Noni said...

Welcome back home! I love holidays but I am always very glad to get home and back into my own bed!!!

How scary to come home to an attempted break-in... I'm so glad that their attempt was twarted.

Stay safe!

Ruth said...

Welcome back Thoeria, I always say the same thing about holidays, its lovely going on them but its equally lovely coming home cute are the bugs asleep, aren't they precrious like that lol, had to laugh at the I'm not tired where have I heard something like that before ?
Well done on the start, its a start on matter how big or small and more than I got started on, I had to take my mum to A & E yesterday and was there all day so no start at all for me, I especially love the piece you chose and can't wait to see more on it.
Whats on your reading list or have you a reading challenge this year ? I have a goal to read 40 books this year fancy doing one with me ?

Tricia said...

Welcome Home Thoeria, your babies look so peaceful asleep shows they had a good holiday lol :0).
Nice to see your projects coming along and I look forward to seeing more