Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'd meant to post earlier....really I had! But alas, the lure of chocolate cake and life just kept tripping me up :)
I've been out taking sneak peaks at what you've been up to though, and my oh my but you have been a busy bunch :)

I've been playing with my Spanish Geometrical Sampler and making slow progress, but I guess slow progress is better than no progress! This is when I last left it, as a CJC start...

Spanish Geometrical Sampler
11 January 2012

And this is what it looked like after Thursday evening's stitching

Spanish Geometrical Sampler
26 January 2012
The weekend saw me putting in some time with my spring biscornu. I've still got some beading to do then I need to whip it all together - so that's my weekend stitch this week! For the rest of this week, I've taken out the Pirate Queen and will be devoting my evenings to her.

This weekend past also saw me celebrate my *cough* *cough* *splutter* birthday :) Got some lovely flowers from hubby and the bugs, and Saturday evening it was just the hubby and me - spent a lovely evening at the theatre and then off for a delicious Italian supper .....YUMMY!

My lovely birthday blooms from hubby and the bugs

I got some gorgeous threads in TSS birthday thread exchange - a mix of overdyes and silks in my favourite colours :) I also received some DMC stock in the OM exchange.

Cards and threads received

Hubby has also told me that I can use his credit card to get myself some more stash , and my darling brother has sent me a voucher for 123stitch too :-D There's a few charts that I really want to stitch but just couldn't bring myself to buy the silks - now I can do so without any guilty conscious :)

This has been a marathon post I know! SO if you made it this far then thanks!

Have a wonderful week further!

Take care x x


Linda said...

Great stitching and stash. Belated Happy Birthday.


Nicola said...

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Thoeria
Happy Birthday to You.

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.

RuthB said...

Happy belated bday!!!!!!! Consider this comment in the shape of a cupcake with candle----- here's hoping you get your wish!

Ruth said...

Oh now I'd say you did a lot more than a little progress on geometrical..its looks gorgeous and I especially like the colours. Many many happy returns of the day and I hope you saved a wee smidgeon of cake for moi ?...what no oh well I'll just have to bake some lol.
Love the presents but I think the one from hubby and your brother sounds fabbbbb....would Miss Elizabeth Hancock sampler be in there perhaps ?..only trying to tempt you but the silks are just divine to stitch with lol.

Tricia said...

Are you sure its a slow progress thoeria, from what I see you managed to get a fair bit done.
Nice to see you had a fab birthday and enjoy your stash shopping :0)

Mouse said...

happpppyyyy belated birthday twinnie ... sorry so late in catching up .... you've done loads on your Spanish one and coooooo go and get that stash before he changes his mind ...lol love mouse xxxxxxx