Saturday, February 18, 2012

"The Library" updated

Happy Saturday everyone! Oh thank goodness for the weekend! To all of you doing the IHSW - wishing you smoking needles to get loads done!

I've spent most of this week stitching The Library - in between soccer practises, parents meetings, and school socials .... I swear my kids have more of a social life than me! So this is where I had left it on Day 7 ...

LHN "The Library" stitched on 32 count Laguna

And this is how far I had got with it after Thursday evening

"The Library" by LHN
Stitched on 32 ct "Days Gone By" Jobelan
No stitching for me today either .... maybe a little later this evening. Middle bug has 2 friends over and Little bug has one of her friends over .... so I've been playing lifesaver at the pool watching 3 boisterous boys and 2 precocious little girls! I've taken them out to run around in the garden so that I could post this :)

Not sure what I'm going to do later ......or if I'm going to have the energy to do anything!

Before I forget, a very warm welcome to all my new visitors, and a special "hello!!!!" to Joanne who is the 50th Reader of my insane ramblings :) Half a century .... whoop whoop!!!!

Enjoy the weekend everyone :)

Take care x x


Ruth said...

Great progress on the library and you know my children have a wayyyyy better social life than me to, what are we doing wrong ? lol
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and have some energy left over for you.
Congrats on the 50 followers they will love it here.

The Manbroider said...

Awsome progress! Dont worry my dad at nearly 80 has a better social life than I do! Congratulation on your half century as well! I know I love reading your Blog!

Linda said...

Great progress on The Library. I need to finish mine.


Nicola said...

I admire anyone who finds time to stitch when they have a young family to care for.

Wishing you a good weekend too.

Stitching Noni said...

Great progress! I think everyone has a better social life than me! But then that's probably my own fault as I would rather be stitching than going out partying these days! Must be getting old!